the developement of cell phones

  • first mobile phone

    first mobile phone
    this first portable phone was created. it was a motorola. it had basic features such as the numbered key pad, the one line display, and the dischargeable battery. the talk time for the phone was only about an hour. it was 50 dollars a month plus peaking and non peaking fees.
  • the first flip phones

    the first flip phones
    Motorola decided to spice up the phones a little bit and make them flip. the mouth peice folded of the number pad and it measured nine inches long and weighed in at one pound. this made it the lightest cellular device ever produced.
  • the first PDA phone is created

    the  first PDA phone is created
    bellsouth and IBM came together and released the Simon Personal Communicator. It was the first phone to have the same features as a PDA. along with the basic features it served as an address book, calculator, pager and fax machine. It offered the first touchscreen phone where customers could use their fingers to contol the screen.
  • The clamshell flip phone is invented

    The clamshell flip phone is invented
    StarTAC is the new invention and phone releases to the public. this phone became the true flip phone. It operated on GSM networks in the United States, included SMS support text messaging, it included digital functions including a some what contact book and it was the first phone to support lithium-ion batteries.The device weighed 3.1 ounces.
  • popularity of cell phones

    popularity of cell phones
    the popularity of cell phones drug in about fifty five million customers and it was still growing. the intenas were removed from cellphones at this point which made them more appealing to the eye, which hypmotized more peole into buying the new fad.
  • extras to the phone

    extras to the phone
    ringtones for phones started selling. people could now hear their favorite song or tune being played when a person called them. This helped people determine whos phone was whos and it helped the person know where their phone was when calling it.
  • cell phones become a fashion instead of a need

    cell phones become a fashion instead of a need
    at this point cell phones became colorful and attractive. they ranged in a variety of color and cases ere made to be placed on the phone to look cool with the out fits a person would wear. the cell phones were a cliche of fashion and not just black and grey like they use to be.
  • wireless internet

    wireless internet
    wireless internet was created and was available of the black berry. not many people were intrasted in the mobile email but having internet on a copact device was a huge step in technology.
  • the blackberry is introduced

    the blackberry is introduced
    The first blackberry was created by Nokia. it was not extremley popular but mostly business workers used this new device due to the email aspect. it contained all of the features such as a calender, time, full key board, email sms, and it was an organizer.
  • first headset

    first headset
    this ericcson was the first bluetooth headset. this device could be connectedat the ear while phone at hand or not at hand and a person would be able to communicate. this device was popular becuase it was hands free and easy access.
  • internet

    the phone companies came out with a new type of internet for the cell phones. this was called 3G. 3G is a high speed data transfer. htere are many tyoes including GSM, CDSA, and many more. this was a reason that internet started becoming popular on phones.
  • phones turn colorful

    phones turn colorful
    this phone was the first phone to have a color screen. this colorful screen drew a more technical view on the cell phones. they now could take pictures in color and have pretty baackgronds to their devices. it was a popular phone becuase of the bright and vibrant display.
  • new camera flip phone

    new camera flip phone
    the first camera flip phone with internet and texting was releases. the carrier of theis phone was sprint. it was a pocket sized phone that could be slipped into any pocket or purse. it has a screen on the front to display the pictures taken as wallpaper.
  • electronics combine

    electronics combine
    this phone has the view of a game boy and the features of a cell phone. the phone companies wanted to put the two crazes o\f the time together to create something magnificent. people played their game boy games on the go and could be talking at the same time. it was a revolation for phones.
  • pda phones perfected

    pda phones perfected
    this phone is one of the best PDA phones created. it became very popular and every one was getting one. it was such a great phone becuase it included not only the perfect PDA system it had wirless voice and data capabilities. this phone was brought on by windows.
  • the sleek new phone

    the sleek new phone
    this phone is called A RAZR. it is a skinney pocket sized flip phone that had over 50 million people perchasing them. it had a camera and was a shinney futuristic looking device. it was known as the new fashion phone of 2004
  • first fully capable feature filled phone

    first fully capable feature filled phone
    This was the first 3G Pocket PC phone at HTC and it was the first to come with Windows Mobile. this phone was very popular with business workers and non business workers.it as better than the blackberry. it had faster internet than any other phone and had the window features to create that extra greatness.
  • windows and another great phone

    windows and another great phone
    windows released another PDA type phone called a smartphone. this phone was called the palm and had all the creative email, texting, and picture features. it was microsft software that could be taken anywhere, and it fit right in the palm of a persons hand.
  • the phone of a lifetime is revealed

    the phone of a lifetime is revealed
    the iPhone first gneneration was released. it was and still is the phone of the century. this is a touchscreen phone with itunes and an mp3 player and fully capable internet. it was created by steve jobs. this phone was and still is the most popular phone to be released. this phone cost about 600 dollars and ranges about 800 today.
  • iphone 5

    iphone 5
    this is the iphone 5. it is the most popular phone there is today. over one-third of the people in the world have this phone as their choice. it has internet, aps, games, music player, itunes, camera, bluetooth and so much more. this phone has defined the odds of what cell phone creators believed they could do.