The Development of the Phone

  • Semaphore (optical) telegraph

    Semaphore (optical) telegraph
    A system of using visual signals to convey messages. This system was invented by Frenchman Claude Chapp. It was a popular form of communication because it was faster than pigeon or horse carrier.Many variations of this invention were provided over the years for different purposes of communicating.
  • First Electrostatic telegraph

    Francis Renalds invents the first electrostatic telegraph which used electrical impulses to send messages through tubing over a course of eight miles
  • First Telegraph Network

    Carl August Steinheil constructed the first telegraph network in 1835 along a German railroad in Munich
  • Commercial Electronic Telegraph

    William Fothergill Cooke and Charles Wheatstone developed and patented the first electric telegraph that used a needle system (4-point or 5-point) that transmitted/recieved masseges. this was primarily used to send messages on trains in London.
  • First Morse Code Message Sent

    First Morse Code Message Sent
    Samuel Morse developed and patented the first commercial American telegraph, and a coded alphabet that was morse code.
  • One-needle telegraph invented

  • Printing Telegraph Invented

    Printing Telegraph Invented
    Invented by Daved Edward Hughes, this maching processed morse code into pronted words using a 26 key keyboard
  • Phonautograph invented

    Phonautograph invented
    Edouard Leone scott de Martinville invents patents the Phonautograph. this is the first know device to record sound. the device recorded sound waves on blackened (charcol) paper. This invention lead to recording and playback eventually in 1877.
  • Buadit code invented

    A type of code that allows for characters to be input automatically by the telograph.
  • Telegraph Patents Submitted

    John bell submits a patent for the acoustic telegraph with the U.S. patent office. Elisha Gray also submitted a patent for a similar telegraph using water transmittence.
  • Alexander Bell's telegrah patent (no.174,465) passes

    this device employed allowed for the transmitting of vocal or other sounds telegraphically by causing electrical undulations accompanying the said vocal or other sound.
  • Bell Telephone Compony created

    Alexander Bell creates his telephone company for commercial use of the telephone that was sold/used in over 140,000 households.
  • Photophone invented

    Photophone invented
    Message transmitted by photophone, a device that transmits a message over a long distance on a beam of light wirelessly
  • Zimmerman Telegram

    Arthur Zimmerman, Foreign Secretary of the german Empire, sent a telegram to mexico asking for aid in a potential war with the United States. This is a significant example of how the telegraph is beginning to be used globally.
  • Creed & Company commercial Model 1P teleprinter

    Model 1P, (later model 2P (1925) then Model 3), teleprinter punches holes in paper at 65 characters a minute automatically transmitting information. Eventually the company developed a teleprinter that transcribed 200 words/minute.
  • Rotary Telephone implemented

    Rotary Telephone implemented
    rotary phones become commonplace in housholds, using a rotary number system to dial calls.
  • Invention of the transistor

    Allows for switch to digital transmission and switch board oprerating systems.
  • Model 500 telephone

    Model 500 telephone
    model 500 phones are a desk top phone similar to the rotary, but with a push pad rather that rotating capability.
  • First Transcontinental phone call

    call from New York to California from AT&T headquarters. This is a major improvement from the calls that were only some miles in distances before.
  • Touch-Tone/ Model 1500 telephone

    Touch-Tone/ Model 1500 telephone
    This feature, added to the Model 500 Allowed for durability and provided a ten digit push pad for the phone.
  • Furst Smart phones invented

    The PDA combine phone with computing skills with wireless capability
  • "internet" becomes a term

  • First SIM Card Created

    Created by Giesecke & Devrient for a network operator.
  • First SMS Computer to phone

  • First SMS Phone to phone

    Populer in the UK
  • PDA put into the market

    PDA put into the market
    PDAs use a stylus as the main mode of input and have telegraphic properties.
  • Forst Mobile banking possible

    In Finland and the phillipines
  • Blackberry released

    Blackberry released
    Released by Research in Motion LTD (RIM). Uses integrated inbox/communications for the first time.
  • 3G Phones become popular

  • Firsd Android phone released

    Firsd Android phone released
    The HTC Dream is released by T-mobile. The android is an open source device created by Andy Rubin partnered with google, which allows the user to do change several things similar to a PC.
  • Release of the first IPhone

    Release of the first IPhone
    Made by Apple Inc, this phone is the first to use a multi-touch interface (touch screen)
  • Application Software released on phones

    Application Software released on phones
    Mobile apps begin being developed trhough Google Play, Apple App Store, Blackberry App World, and Windows Phone Store.
  • Over 200 million people have phones

  • Remomal of QWERTY typing pads from phones

    All Phones include a touch screen model aside from the Black berry.
  • Microsoft Windows phone 7 released

    Microsoft Windows phone 7 released
    Incorperates Microsoft Office and other computer functions.
  • Release of the iPhone 6(s)

    The 6th primary version of the iphone is relased to the public including a larger screen, thinner body, and more memory.