Technological Advances (Mobile Phones)

By Amna95
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    The Evolution of mobile phones

  • Brick Phone

    Brick Phone
    In the early 80s the brick phone was released, which had a LED screen. You could talk for 30 minutes only and it was fully charged when put on charging for 8 hours which means that the battery life was very poor. This brick phone costed about 4000$, which was really expensive for people at that time due to having a low salary.
  • Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

    Motorola DynaTAC 8000X
    This Mobile phone was released by Motorola, the price of this device was 3995$. It needed 10 hours charging just for 30 minutes talk. It had a LED display, and it transmitted only analogue data means the phone didn't have a SIM card. This was the first mobile phone which was able to connect to the telephone network, it didn't need help of a network operator.
  • Motorola MicroTAC 9800X

    Motorola MicroTAC 9800X
    This version of Motorola was the first portable phone, it was first released as analog mobile phone and later on in 1989 the GSM compatible phone was released which supported a SIM card. This phone was mostly fitted in the car because it was not small enough to fit in the pocket so users would keep it in the car. However it was the smallest phone at that time, it became famous because it was portable.
  • Motorola international 3200

    Motorola international 3200
    This was the first hand-sized phone, the price of this phone was around 800£.It was the first hand sized phone which had GSM. However it didn't have a feature of sending text messages. The talk time was improved because you could talk for 1 hour with a full battery. The screen was LCD type and the resolution was quite low "8x2" however better than the old. versions.
  • IBM Simon Personal Communicator

    IBM Simon Personal Communicator
    This phone was the first combination of PDA and phone. It was multifunctional means it was touchscreen and it had applications such as calendar, calculator, mail, note pad etc.. but the screen was still in black and white. The measurement of the phone was 8 inches and it weidhed 2 ounces which was quite heavy.
  • Nokia 1011

    Nokia 1011
    This phone was the first nokia phone which supported GSM. It had a monochrome LCD with an antenna which was foldable. This was the first one which had a memory and it could have 99 contact numbers saved. The phone was able to send and recieve text messages at any time. After this release Nokia continued releasing new generated phones until now.
  • Motorola StarTAC

    Motorola StarTAC
    This version of motorola phone was release in january 1996, it was foldable above the display. It had the feature of sending text messages/ it weighted 88 grams and it had a lithium battery. And it was the first phone ever which had the feature of "vibration" alert.
  • Nokia 8110

    Nokia 8110
    This was the first mobile phone as a slider, you had to slid the cover to be able to use the cover. it was released by Nokia and it was portable, means it would fit in a pocket. When opening the keyboard it also answered the call automatically, this was a new fature introduced by Nokia.
  • Nokia 9000 Communicator

    Nokia 9000 Communicator
    This phone was the first phone which had an Intel CPU. The size of the phone was large compared to the old version. It had a memory of 8Mb which means it supported a lot of applications. It had a digital camera connectivity, browser, calendar, calculator and many other basic applications. The weight of this device was 253 grams.
  • Nokia 9110i

    Nokia 9110i
    This new release of mobile phone had a reduced weight compared to the old versions. It had internet browsing feature, it was smaller than the old version but the keyboard was really small which made the typing of texts much harder. it had a memory of 10 MB.
  • Nokia 8210

    Nokia 8210
    This phone version was released in the 1999, it was one of the smallest nokia phones. This phone was available in 6 other different colours. The phone memory was also improved and it could save upto 250 contact names and it also allowed you to store 50 notes in the calendar. The weight of the phone was 79 g and it had a lithium battery.
  • ericsson R380

    ericsson R380
    This Ericsson phone is a GSM phone, it was a mixture of mobile phone and PDA. It was the first device called smarthone. it had a touchscreen display covered by a flip cover, it was the first phone which had a user interface UIQ. The user interface was itself created by Ericsson
  • Nokia 5510

    Nokia 5510
    The Nokia is a mobile phone which was released around October 2001, it was the first phone which had this different shape. It was in this shape because they wanted to make it easier for people to type texts and play games because it had a qwerty keyboard. This phone had 64 mb of memory and it could store audio files. It had 5 games and it also had other applications such as calculator etc...
  • Nokia 7650

    Nokia 7650
    This Nokia was released in 2002 and it had was the first one which had a symbian Operating system. It was the first nokia which had a camera built in. If you slided the screen up the keyboard would open up. The phones with the slider were really famous because they were easy to use and they also looked cool. It had Java applications support, means it had Java games and also you could use it to send emails and MMS.
  • Blackberry Quark 6210

    Blackberry Quark 6210
    Blackberry quark was one of the most popular mobile phones of the blackberry generation. It had a qwerty keybard and rAM memory of 16MB, the mobile phone was quicker compared to others and it had a speakerphone. Due to the keyboard it was easier to type texts, this was the main reason why people would buy it a lot.
  • Motorola Razor V3

    Motorola Razor V3
    This version of razor motorola was released in 2004, it was the thinnest phone at that time and it had a keypad which was electroluminescent. It had a USB slot where you could connect the device to a PC through a cable to transfer data between devices such as music. The phone had a small screen on the cover where you could see the time and if you receive a miss call or message it could come up on that screen. The V3 was available in many colors such as matte black, pink, blue, red etc...
  • Nokia 6630

    Nokia 6630
    This is a smartphone with 3G integrated, it was released in November 2004. It supports tri-band GSM. It has a camera built in . The CPU in the phone is a chip running at 220 speed MHz. The memory of the phone was 2GB which is quite good compared to the old releases.
  • Nokia N73

    Nokia N73
    Nokia N73 was the next generation of Nokia N72 it had a different shape and it supported a 3.2 megapixel camera. The phone was quite famous because it was easy to use and the shape of the phone was eye catching. it had improved display screen, it was bigger and it had more applications.
  • iphone

    This was the first release of iphone, it was a fully touch screen device and it had applications. The operating system that is run on this device is iOS, this phone had a wi-fi connection and an improve amount of memory. Because it had wireless people could connect to the internet from anywhere in the house. It had a wide range of downloading apps.
  • iPhone 3G

    iPhone 3G
    This was similiar as the first iphone release, however it had 3G which allowed users to browse the internet, send etxts, and use the GPS navigation. the App store had a million of applications which is now ranked as a second largest network.
  • Nokia N97

    Nokia N97
    The Nokia N97 was released in 2009, to be able to type texts you had to slide the phone up. The phone was also touch screen which means you could use it and type texts through typing on the screen. This phone had a symbian operating system. Later on the mini version of the phone was also released.
    This mobile phone has a better storage, a better amount of RAM, it has more applications and a better camera quality.
  • Samsung S3 and Iphone 5

    Samsung S3 and Iphone 5
    These were the two devices which released in the same year, they both had 8GB of memory which is a lot and they had a front camera. This was from where the "selfie" began because of the front camera everybody could take their own pictures without the need of somebody else. They had an improved performance, improved quality of camera 8GB and an improved design of app icons.
  • Sony xperia z3

    Sony xperia z3
    The sony was the first device which was waterproof. The users could use it when swimming and take selfies without being scared. It also had a better quality camera and an improve shape, it was slimmer and with a big touch screen.
  • Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge

    Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge
    This device was released in 2015, the new thing about this device is that it has edges on both sides from where you can view different apps and open them through touching the edges. Another improvement of this device is that it has less buttons. The screen resolution is better and it makes it easier for the user to view things.