The Perfect Storm

  • Harbor

    The Andrea Gail returns to port with a not to impressive load of swordfish. The crews family and friends are waiting egerly to see there faces agin.
  • Period: to

    crew relax time

  • Leaveing for Another Shot

    Captain needs to hit it big and score some points with the owner of the boat. The crew and thier family are not happy to be leaveing so early, but they all know they have no choice. captain "The fog's just lifting. Throw off your bow line; throw off your stern. You head out to South channel, past Rocky Neck, Ten Pound Island. Past Niles Pond where I skated as a kid. Blow your air-horn and throw a wave to the lighthouse keeper's kid on Thatcher Island."
  • Period: to

    steaming past sable island

    342 miles east of sable island
  • Captain makes the call

    Captain finds a spot he thinks will score big and yells down to the crew," LETS GO FISHING!"
  • Period: to

    setting lines

  • ready to hual

    the string they set out before is ready to be pulled in. frist half of the set is wonderful. They are pulling in fish left and right, but streak is short lived. Back at the harbor a news man comes on TV and anocuces,"Radar shows a upcomeing wheather front that wont take much to turn into a hurricane." familes look in fear at the TV.
  • Period: to

    setting lines

  • man over board!

    murph isnt paying attenton as buggze attachs the line and walks away. murphs hand and hooked and drags him over board. Sulley dives overboard and saves murph.
  • Period: to

    crew wants to no skips plan

    The crew is getting a bad feeling about the grand banks and wants to know what the hell the captain is doing. Thats when the captain anouceses that they arent in the grandbanks anymore. They are steaming to flemish cap and to better fishing grounds! Captain says,"so this is the moment of truth. this is where tey seperate the men from the boys. How about it?" crews slowly agrees.
  • setting the flemish caps

    They arrive and set out thier frist line. about a few hours of soaking they pull the line in to see what they got. To thier amasment the captain was right and before you know it the deck of the boat is full of fish! the captains bet looks to have paid off.
  • Period: to

    good fishing!

  • bad news

    Buggze discovers that the ice machine has broken down for good. Captain has to make the call and start to head home on good fishing. The crew is happy to go home with a good haul of fish finally. captain walkes back up to the wheel house and discovers that thier is a bad storm that he has to pass through inorder to get to get back home. the worst storm he has ever seen.
  • Period: to

    steaming though hell

  • middle of the monster

    skipper gets a call from a fellow captain but before the other captain can relay her message the skippers CB antanna breaks off and he can no longer hear her calls. She wanted to tell skipper that the storm he has to go though is to big and that he should turn around and wait the storm out. Skipper doesnt know what is to come.
  • one thing after another

    after trying to fix the antenna and loseing it they decide to keep going anyways and get home. then a chain breaks on thier birdie and it comes flying into the wheel house and bust open the window! captain struggles but finally cuts the birdie off fixrs the window.
  • man over board

    as buggze trys to enter the boat after fixing the window a roug wave hits the side of the boat and washes him over board. murph grabes the closet life vest and throws it into the water. buggze grabes it and sulley snags him with a pole and pulls him back onto the boat. buggze barely makes it out alive!
  • Period: to

    going though hell

  • captain breaks

    after a string of bad happenings the captain breaks and dicides to turn around. little does he know that the storm is to big now. the boats fate is sealed.
  • this no getting out

    after captain has turned around he trys steaming out of the storm but it wont let him out. when out of no where a roug wave rises up from the sea. there is no truning back so the captain gives it full throttle to try and crest the wave but the wave is to big. the boat is engulfed but the shear size of the wave and the andrea gail is lost to the sea forever along with her crew.
  • Period: to

    coast gaurd look for andrea gail

  • give up

    coast gaurd calls off the search and the names of the crew from the Andrea Gail are writen on a memory wall.