The Outsiders TimeLine by G11-AP1 peter

  • Introduction of The outsiders

    Introduction of The outsiders
    As the chapter 1 ,it introduce the surrounding of the novel , the important person in greasers , tell the relation between Socs and greasers.
  • Period: to

    The Outsiders

  • A bad meeting in cinema theatre

    A bad meeting in cinema theatre
    Ponyboy in the cinema met a beautiful girl "cherry", Ponyboy chatted with her many things, learning, hobbies, including SOCS and greasers, cherry appreciate Ponyboy's talent, they became friends, but this time, cherry's boyfriend Bob came.
  • A bad meeting in cinema theatre

    A bad meeting in cinema theatre
    Bob is very annoying Ponyboy, Bob said many bad things, he warned Ponyboy leave cherry. This is the beginning of the whole story.
  • A bad Start from Ponyboy

    A bad Start from Ponyboy
    After the bad meeting for Bob ,Ponyboy go back to the home ,however,he came late, when he came ,his borther :Darrel were fight with Ponyboy Although Soda wants to stop them ,Darrel hit Pontboy's face, Ponyboy was amazed ,then he got away, he met Johnny ,they get together to go to the park.
  • BOb came

    BOb came
    when they arrived Park .it was very empty inside, P feels he is freeze to death,then he talk to Johnney , soon ,Bob came ,they want to fight .
  • Johnney kill the Bob

    Johnney kill the Bob
    They began to curse P, there is a soc to put P's head in the water, P soon be drowned, when P raised his head when, Johnny had killed Bob. Johnny not really intend to kill him, just self-defense.BUt now Johnney sarced to death.
  • Escape

    they both want to escape, avoid the police, so they went to see Dally, Dally give P a gun and money, he let them go to Winderixville, then go to Jay Mountain on the Church.
  • Gone With The Wind

    Gone With The Wind
    They stay in church one day. J buy some food for life and give P a haircut and dye his hair so that others do not recognize them, P could not bear but still made a different haircut, the next few days really long, they rely on reading< Gone with the Wind> and the poker to spend time,
  • A Poem

    One day earlier P early to see the sunrise, J also think that the scenery is beautiful, unfortunately Nothing gold can stay. I remember that poem:
    Nature's first green is gold
    Her hardest hue to hold
    Her early leaf's a flower
    But only so an hour
    Then leaf subsides to leaf
    So Eden sank to grief
    So dawn goes down to day
    Nothing gold can stay
  • A spy

    Dally came to see them , they asked him some questions about the police, Dally said that safe .He also said that greasers and socs have a duel, Cherry is a spy.
  • GO BACK!

    During 5 day later , Dally came , and he said that Ponyboy and Johnney can go back to city ,Ponyboy and Johnny happier .
  • Fire! Fire!

    Fire!  Fire!
    When they want to go back ,they looked that the chrurch are catch the fire.Johnny and P jumped out of the car to see how going on, Dally let them come back, but they've ran to the church, P thought it because of their cigarette butts to make church on fire, then a lady came up to say a few children stil in there, so They ran into the church to save the child,P back and look J also save the child, Dally has come, and later children were saved,
  • Bad injuries to Johnny

    Bad  injuries to Johnny
    J suffered heavy injuries, P, and Dally also injured when they've woke up in the ambulance, Jerry (child's teacher) to boast that we are heaven sent hero, I said that we is greasers, then P's brother came, Darry and soda, Darry apologized to P , he was afraid of losing P, they finally came home.
  • Before fight

    Before fight
    Dally said he was pleased with P that P is still alive, Dally get his most precious black switchblade from 2-bit. Dally said tonight's duel must win to the Socs, to revenge for J. I do not want to fight, but there is no way, I saw them socs Cherry in the car, she asked about Johnny, but she would not see him, because he had killed Bob.
  • Talk to Randy

    Talk to Randy
    P meet the Socs :Randy .Randy came to P's home, he wanted to say a few words to P .P thought that he was different to other Socs ,he knew that not every Socs were bad ,He said he would not attendthe duel. He tired of gang wars, no matter who wins which neither of us will benefit.
  • Duel

    greaser total of 20 people, 22 people are on their side, Randy really did not came, then Socs said rules : can not use any weapon fighting, escape lose, Dally also joined in, we started to fight, and then we won .
  • Johnny's ending

    Johnny's ending
    Then the car ready to go to the hospital , P was only worried about Johnny, he was going to die, P told J that greaser won,but J said, that fighting is useless, he told P to stay gold. Johnny was dead,
  • the fool boy :Dally

    the fool boy :Dally
    Dally not accept this fight, he went out, he robbed a grocery store, police are hunting him. He ran a big open stoping, police recover behind him and killed him. Dally also died. He was deliberate, Dally want to die, he wanted to stay with J
  • the tragedy of soda

    soda sent a letter to his girlfriend - Of course, it was a long time ago. But soda is unfortunate, he received a letter of his own, his girlfriend returned the letter, soda is very sad, and he can not endure the ridicule ponyboy and darry, huff, he rushed out of the room.
  • Court

    P on the court, the judge asked the matter the situation, asked the brothers are willing to live, and finally he pronounced me innocence, the court adjourned.
  • Johnny 's letter

    Johnny 's letter
    Ponyboy finds a note in Johnny's copy of "Gone with the wind", and aiso have a letter,it telling him to not stop looking at sunsets, and to tell the Late Dally to look at some, too.
  • Ending

    Everything is finish , maybe not . The life of Ponyboy is broken:he fell into his studying ,and he could not make it better as a result of Johnney. His teacher gives him a essay ,now he must to finish it , he had only two things on his minds:Paul Newman and a ride home.......