the outsiders S.E. hinton 180

  • 1 november 2012 the outsiders s.e. hinton

    you get introduced to all the charecters. ponyboy, two bit, soda, johnny, dally , darry. they are all greasers. there enemy is the rich south side socs. they go to a movie and meet the socs cherry and marcia pages read 1-35
    running total 716
  • 2 november 2012 the outsiders

    pony, johnny, twobit walk marcia and cherry home.there boyfriends who are socs get mad and try to jump pony and johhnny. johnny kills one of the socs bob. they ask dally for advice he tells them to hop a train and go to jay mountain. pgs read 35-67 running total 748
  • 3 november 2012 the outsiders s.e. hinton

    they get settled into an abonndend church. johnny goes and gets supplies. they stay and hide out for a week. dally gets them tells them there will be a rumble between the socs and the greasers. he also tells them that cherry is there spy. pages read 67-84

    running total 765
  • 4 november 2012 the outsiders

    the boys go eat at dairy queen and the church burn down due to a ciggarete. kids are trapped in there so pony and johhny try to save them. johnny gets burned bad on his back and they go to a hospital and pony returns home. pgs. read 67-99
    running total 797
  • 5 november 2012 the outsiders

    ponyboy gets settled in at home. he is sick from smoking to many ciggarettes at the mountain. darry stays home to watch him but cant anymore so twobit watches him. he is feelling worse and worse and had a nightmare. pgs. read 100-118
    running total 815
  • 6 november 2012 the outsiders

    the doctors dont know if johnny will make it or not. twobit and ponyboy go and visit johny. his back is completley burned. ponyboy and johnny make it into the newspaper and it calls then heros. the soc randy comes to tell ponyboy he wont be in the rumble. pgs read 118-130 running total 937
  • 7 november 2012 the outsiders

    the rumble comes around. the greasers win. ponyboy is hurt really bad. dally wants to see johnny before he dies. they are speeding the cops pull them over they lie and say that there taking pony to the hospital. johnny dies. pgs read 130-150
    running total 957
  • 8 november 2012 the outsiders

    dally is really upset when johnny dies. his last words are stay gold ponyboy. dally runs out of the hospital. he goes and tries to mug a corner store. the cops are after him the whole gang sees him get shot. the authoritys let pony stay with his brothers. since the whole runaway pony was failing his writing class and his teacher lets him do a creative writing piece to boost his grade and he writes about his expierence.
    pgs read 150-180 running total 987