the outsiders by Se hinton 210 pages

  • 1-50

    pony boy who is 14 has 2 brothers , sodapop who is 16 and darry is 20. their are basically 2 types of people or "cliques" the greasers who are the more poor people and the socs which are the the rich boys who come from rich parents. One night pony boy is walking home from a movie he is attacked by four socs and one of them has a knife. although soon after pony boys brother come to defend and help ponyboy and they
    chase of the socs In these next pages the gang goes to the movies and sneaks in
  • 1-50 finishing up

    only paying 25 cents they soon see 2 girl socs who they start talking to cherry and marica who didnt want to hang out with their boyfriends because they didnt want to drink. they soon conversate with the greasers and cherry finds out that johnny was nearly beat to death in a baseball feild a few years back and johnny never walks along anymore and he swore to kill who ever jumps him next
  • 50-100

    the greasers drive the soc girls home and after a long night. it is 2 am when johnny gets home and darry has ben waiting for him... darry slaps johnny in the face and johnny runs off. he says hes going to run away but soon after goes home after cooling down. they soon go to the park where they are to fight the socs. they are out numbered but the socs fight anyway. one of the socs grabs ponyboy and starts to drowd him in a near by water fountain. ponyboy wakes up to see that johnny had killed the
  • 50-100 finishing up

    soc that attacked ponyboy and he is frightened. they go to dally for help and dally gives them a gun 50$ and instructions on what to do and tells them to go to an old church that is just up the hill. They sleep over night and in the morning johnny returns with food, cigarettes, soap, peroxide, a deck of playing cards, and the book Gone with the Wind after 5 days of waiting dally comes and he catches the boys up on whats going on. the police investigates dally and dally told them that the boys
  • 50-100

    might be going to texas. they are talking about all this at dairy queen because dally took them out so that they could eat better
  • 100-150

    pony boy and johnny soon find out that cherry the soc is acting as a spy and she is willing to testify saying that thee socs were drunk that night and johnny was acting in self they are driving back from dairy queen they see that the church is on fire! they soon go and see what is happening and they notice that a school took a feild trip although the teacher is in panic becuase she is missing a few children. johnny and pony boy go in the burning church to save the children with
  • 100-150

    another man named jerry wood. after pushing the last child out of the window johnny shoves ponyboy out of the window and the roof collapses with johnny still in it. dally goes in after johnny. when pony boy wakes up he is in a ambulence and johnny is in very awful condition their is a risk of dyeing. they decide to go home for the night. the next morning they are walking to the hospitle and see the blue mustang...ponyboy is mad and blames everything on the socs.their is a planned rumble that
  • 100-150 finishing up

    night but pony boy isnt so sure about it because he also has a sikness that he doesnt want anyone to know about. when they all get to the lot pony boy realizes that his brother darell and his gang of greasers dont belong their fighting and that they can go so much farther in life.. as the fight starts they dally shows up with one arm, the greasers win the fight because the socs run away first. dally rushes pony boy to the hospitle because his brother is duing and he wants to see him one last
  • 100 150 finishing up

    time and his brother dyes but tells him fighting is not the answer
  • 150 -210

    dally is very upset about johnnys death so he goes and he robbs a store and tell the gang to meet him in a vacant lot....they all meet up at the same time the cops and the greasers dally pulls out the gun but its not loaded although the cops dont know that and they shoot dally to death right their on the spot. pony boy passes out and he soon finds out he is suffering from exhaustion, shock, and a minor concussion
    he is put on bed rest for a week and because of this he has missed lots of school
  • 150-210

    because of this he has earned a failing grade but his english teacher assigns him a writing task and if he does good on it he wll recive a c in the class pony boy writes about his story of being a greaser and compairs it a little to gone with the wind the book that johnny read to pony boy when they were in the church although he never finished it he detirmines himself to finish the book for his brothers