The outsiders

The Outsiders

By manuelu
  • Beginning of Story.

    Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally go to the Drive-in.They meet Cherry and Martia, Soc girls, Dally acts rude, gets told to go away. Afterwards Bob and his gang, Socs, find Pony and johnny with Cherry. Two-bit saves the boys and then they go to the lot. Boys fall asleep.
  • Ponyboy is in trouble.

    When Ponyboy gets home Darry yells at him and slaps him. Ponyboy runs away and finds Johnny. They go to the park where Bob and his gang start picking on them. Bob is drowning Ponyboy in a fountain when Johnny stabs Bob.
  • On the run.

    Ponyboy and Johnny go to Dally for help and Dally tells them to run and hide in a church, and gives them fifty bucks and a gun. Pony and Johnny hold up there and bleach there hairs so as not to be recognised. Dally comes to the church to bring them back.
  • Johnny gets hurt.

    Dally takes the boys to a Dairy-queen when Johnny tells them he wants to confess. Dally gets angry and tries to talk him out of it as they were heading back to the church. At the church there was a group of people and the church was on fire. After hearing kids scream Johnny and Pony go in to save them. Johnny gets hit by a beam that was on fire.
  • In the hospital.

    The boys are then tooken to a hospital where Ponyboy meets up with his brothers again and Johnny has major injuries. Ponyboy gets word that there was going to be a large fight between the Greasers and Socs.
  • The Rumble.

    Then Ponyboy and the rest of his gang go the fight. There they meet Dally who broke out of the hospital to be in the fight. After one of the Greasers pulls out a pipe the Socs run away. Dally gets Ponyboy to bring him to the hospital to see Johnny.
  • Ponyboy and Dally see Johnny.

    At the hospital Johnny is very sick. Johnny gives a speech and with his dying breath he tells Ponyboy to stay gold, Devasted, Dally leaves in a rage. Ponyboy gets home to tell the gang the bad news when Dally calls. He told them to meet him at the park because he robbed a grocery store. At the park policemen gun down Dally and he dies in front of his gang. Ponyboy faints.
  • Ponyboy wakes up.

    After going through all that he Ponyboy was very sick. He was in bed for almost a week. Thenwhen Pony went back to school he was told to write an essay or else he would fail. Pony desides to write the story about his gang starting at the day at the Drive-in.