THE ODYSSEY!!! In Chronological Order!!

Timeline created by elif131
  • Trojan War begins

    Trojan War begins
    A creeper was stupid and kidnapped a queen. Wow, this started a whole war.
  • Period: to

    The Great Battle of Troy

  • The End of the Trojan War!!

    The End of the Trojan War!!
    Yay, they saved the women from the creeper!
  • Odysseus begins his return to Ithaca

    Odysseus begins his return to Ithaca
    After the great victory over Troy and the rescue of Helen, Odysseus and his crew set sail for Ithaca. Little does he know, it will take him another 10 yrs!
  • Cicones

    Odysseus just so happened to discover a village on the shore and, still caught up in the victory at Troy, he decided to invade. After taking the city Odysseus' men remained on the island drinking and were attacked by all the Cicones' friends. Oops.
  • Lotus Eaters

    Lotus Eaters
    Well now, Odysseus and his men were sailing along and decided to stop on a pretty little island. This one they did not plunder, instead they sent some scouts to check it out. They never returned to the ship. They ate the lotus which made them forget their homes. Odysseus tied up the delusional men and set sail once again. Que heroic music.
  • CYCLOPES!! a.k.a.~Polyphemus!!

    CYCLOPES!! a.k.a.~Polyphemus!!
    Odysseus and hIs men find yet anotHer islAnd. Again, they send a scouting party, but this one inVolved OdyssEus (becAuse it really makes sense to send the captain on a possibly Fatal mission). The crEw goes Ashore and gets captuRed by POlyphemus. Polyphemus Feeds on Odysseus' Men until OdYsseus Stabbed him in the Eye then escaped with his remaining men whiLe riding the Cyclopes' sheep. In a moment oF idiocy Odysseus tells Polyphemus his true name and Polyphemus ends up cursing Odysseus.
  • Aeolus

  • Laestrygones

    Evil people throwing big rocks.
  • Aeaea, The Island of Circe

    Aeaea, The Island of Circe
    For Allie's b-day Circe turned the men into pigs! Yay!
  • Helios' Cattle

    Helios' Cattle
    Even though Odysseus told his men not to eat them the crew did anyway while Odysseus was asleep. Helios got REALLY mad and killed all but Odysseus who 'sailed' away on a piece of driftwood.
  • Saved from Calypso

    Saved from Calypso
    Athena tells Zeus who tells Hermes to tell Calypso to let Odysseus go so he can return to Ithaca.
  • Land of the Dead

    Land of the Dead
    Odysseus left Circe's and went to visit the dead (how depressing). There, he met his mother, Agamemnon, Ajax, and the blind prophet Tiresias. Tiresias, being a prophet, prophesized that Odysseus would take a VERY long time to get back to Ithaca and that he would have to leave again once he got there.
  • Back to Circe

    Back to Circe
    Why they go back is a mystery to me. Then Circe gives them advice.
  • Sirens

    Odysseus and his crew sailed through a sea full of monsters. The first monsters were the Sirens. They sang to men to make them jump overboard so they could eat them. Odysseus wanted to listen so he had the crew tie him up so he could listen. The crew rowed with wax in their ears and passed by the sirens.
  • Carybdis and Scylla

    Carybdis and Scylla
    Two more monsters. Odysseus decides to be nearer to Scylla because Charybdis would just eat them when Scylla would eat SOME of them.
  • Calypso

    Odysseus wakes up on the shores of Calypso's island Ogygia where the nymph kept him captive for seven years.
  • Period: to

    Trapped on Calypso's Island

  • King Alcinous

    King Alcinous
    Odysseus again washes up on an island and finds Kind Alcious' daughter and her friends. Alcious takes Odysseus in and begs him to tell his story. After a while in Alcious' care Odysseus is sent back to Ithaca by Alcinous on his boat,