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The Odyssey.

  • Troy

    Odysseus took his men into Troy
  • Ciceones

  • Scylla and Chaybdis

    Scylla and Chaybdis
  • Lotus eaters.

    Lotus eaters.
    The men eat the Lotus plant and want to stay forever, but Odysseus drags them back onto the ship
  • Cyclops

    The cyclops eats Odysseus' men and so he stabs him in the eye, but then he was proud and got then stuck at sea for ten years.
  • Odyssues meets fleolus

  • Ithaca

    They almost make it back but they are cursed so they don't get to go back home.
  • Circe

    They come to Circe and she turns them all into pigs.
  • Land of the dead

    Land of the dead
  • Back to Circe,

    Back to Circe,
    She tells them they will run into cretures.
  • Sirens

  • Sun god and his Cattle

    Sun god and his Cattle
    They eat Helio's Cattle and then Zeus kills all his men with a lightening bult
  • Period: to


    Odysseus stays with Calypso for seven years.
  • King Alcinous

    He goes home.
  • Ithaca

    Odyssues goes home and fights 100 suiters to get his wife and family back.