The odessey

the odyssey

  • Trojan War

    Trojan War
    Ending the Trojan war Odysseus decides to hide his men in a giant horse disguised as a peace offering in order to run out ans kill the enimies un expected.
  • Cicones

    Cicones were allies with the Trojans so Odysseus and his crew raided the city and killed the people.
  • Lotus Eaters

    Lotus Eaters
    The men that ate the magical lotus los tthe will to go hom enad had to be tied to the boat.
  • cyclopes

    The cyclopes eats some of odysseus' men so they got the cyclone drunk and clubbed his eye out. They hide under the sheep in order to get out.
  • Aeolus

    They travel to Aeolus where Odysseus get a wind that will send him to ithica. But the bad wind was put in a bag and he was told not to open it. During Odysseus' sleep the men open the bag and the get set back to the island.
  • Ithica

    they see ithica and get set back because of the bad wind.
  • Laestrygones

    fleet of cannibals thrown boulders at him and his men.
  • Circe

    Odyssues and his men travel to an island. he sends half of his men in and circe turns them into pigs. they stay at the island for a year till they fianally get to leave.
  • land of the dead

    land of the dead
    After Cicre let him go he was told to go to the land of the dead. he spoke to his mother and many dead people he had known. He was told of what would happen on the trip to Ithica.
  • Back to Circe

    Back to Circe
    they went back to circe's island and she told him of the trouble with the sirens.
  • Sirens, Scylla & Charybolis

    Sirens, Scylla & Charybolis
    when odysseus passed the sirens he put beeswax in the crews ears and had to tie himself up to the post so he wouldn't want to go home. Scylla and Charbolis was a six headed dog and a whirlpool that tried to defeat odysseus but only took 6 of his men.
  • Helios' cattle and zeus' lightning

    Helios' cattle and zeus' lightning
    Odessues had warn the crew not to eat Helios' cattle but they did anyway and zues sent a lightning bolt which killed the crew but sent odysseus floating.
  • Calypso

    Odysseus floated to the island of Calypso and stayed there for 7 years. (Also he cheated on his wife).
    Calypso finally let's him go, and they sail back home.
  • Odysseus return to ithica

    Odysseus return to ithica
    he returns. :)