"The mysterious bermuda triangle"

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  • The beginning of its mystery must be marked in 1945

    The beginning of its mystery must be marked in 1945
    A gang of five US Navy aircraft, which was flying over the area, disappeared without a trace. Not only that, did a sixth emergency apparatus that came the rescue of the top five. In total, 27 people who were never heard from again, and would forge the beginning of the famous legend.
  • More things start to disappear

    More things start to disappear
    Although in reality, there had already been other disappearances in the area before. According Charles Berlitz in his 1974 book 'The Bermuda Triangle' (unfortunately, some of these compilations are apparently falsified)the in yacht:
  • They name it "The Bermuda Triangle"

    They name it "The Bermuda Triangle"
    In 1976 the writer Vincent Gaddis would refer to the place for the first time as the 'Bermuda Triangle' in an article for the magazine 'Pulp',
  • They name it "The Devil's Triangle"

    They name it "The Devil's Triangle"
    In 1980 the journalist Edward Van Winkle Jones had already named the area as 'Devil's Triangle'.
  • "2 radar planes disappear".

    "2 radar planes disappear".
    The Star Tiger in February 1982 and the Star Ariel in January 1984. Both aircraft were owned by British South American Airways, an airline created by veteran pilots of World War II.
  • "A black hole".

    "A black hole".
    Some believe that what makes ships and planes that travel through the area disappear, that is, that in the sky or the waters of the Bermuda area there is a black hole that absorbs, so to speak, everything that passes through it and perhaps transports it to another dimension or area of ​​the universe. It is difficult to believe, however, since a black hole would 'eat' everything in its path and nothing would escape its gravitational field. This theory has been believed since 1976.
  • Ufos

    It is another of the most popular theories: whenever something does not have a clear explanation, it must be because there are UFOs involved. That, or giant sea monsters, this is what was also believed.
  • "Atlantis"

    La isla, descrita en textos de Platón, tenía un poderío tal que llegó a dominar el oeste de Europa y el norte del África. Era muy avanzada tecnológicamente, pero los dioses decidieron castigar su soberbia hundiéndola. A día de hoy, aún se discute si se trata de un mito o una realidad, por lo que no parece fácil que tenga algo que ver con las desapariciones en Bermudas.
  • "Methane hydrates"

    "Methane hydrates"
    An explanation for some of the disappearances points to the presence of vast deposits of methane hydrates under the continental plates. Some writers have suggested that this methane hydrate suddenly released in the form of giant gas bubbles, with diameters comparable to the size of a ship, could sink it, as well as alter the compasses or speed indicators of the airplanes until they sink too.
  • "Compilations"

    Since then, attempts have been made to give a sufficiently coherent explanation for the strange disappearances of ships and planes. Australian scientist Karl Kruszelnicki explained in his day that, in reality, the number of boats and planes that disappear in the area is the same as in other parts of the world, baseed on the percentages, since it is a very busy area. That is, the greater the number of ships, the greater the probability that the number of sinks will increase.
  • "ENDING"

    After seeing and analyzing this strange event we can say that for many people this triangle is still a mystery and that despite the fact that many investigations have been carried out there is no whereabouts of the objects lost there