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The Mormon Trail

  • Mormons leave Nauvoo

    Mormons were facing religious persecution, forcing them to leave.They traveled through Iowa and ended in Winder Quarters, Nebraska.
  • The Journey Begins

    Brigham Young left Winter Quarters to travel 1,040miles across the country to settle on the top of the Rockey Mountains.The group traveled on the north side of the Platte River in order to avoid competition for forage and food.
  • Fort Bridger

    Mormons reach Fort Bridger and leave the Oregon Trail. They followed Hastings Cutoff.
  • Big Mountain

    The advance party reached the summit of Big Mountain. Two days later, Pratt and Erastus Snow scouted the valley and returned to the group.
  • Emigration Canyon

    The first wagons moved downstream toward the mouth of Emigration Canyon. They chose not to follow the trail over Donner Hill, but instead, built a road at the base of the hill to the north. The end of the Mormon Pioneer Trail is generally considered to be at the mouth of Emigration Canyon, where this is the Place Monument is located.At this location, they were able to see the location of their new home.
  • Brigham Young Arrives

    Brigham Young arrives in the Valley after suffering from mountain fever.
  • Exploration of the Valley

    Nine men were chosen to accompany Brigham Young and explore such places as the warm springs (present-day location of Wasatch Plunge) and Ensign Peak.
  • Arrivals

    Amasa M. Lyman, Sam Brannan, Rodney Badger, and Roswell Stevens arrived into the valley on horseback and probably made their own trail to the camp on City Creek.
  • Mormon Battalion

    A large group of the Mormon Battalion entered the valley. They apparently turned north at the canyon mouth, then headed west, crossing Red Butte Creek and leaving the bench near what is now 9th South and 13th East. From there the trail turned northwest to the camp on City Creek.
  • The Journey Ends

    From 1846 to 1869, nearly 70,000 Mormons traveled 1,300 miles.