the minning boom

  • hispanics mineing

    they used the padio method to find glod the padio method is where they used mercury to extract silver from the ground
  • raceisim

    many of the haspanic mexican and black miers chinese were ran out of the mining camps because of the compition in for the gold
  • pikes peak

    miners found gold in pikes peak
  • silver in Virginia City

  • comstock lode

    one of the richest silver veins ever and it was pretty good for gold too
  • alaska purchase

    the united states bought alaska because Willam h aeward thought that there was gold there
  • yukon glod

    miners found glod in the yukon tyo be more specific they found it in the klondike district
  • gold found in alaska

    they found over 1 milliion dollars in gold in alaska
  • mining and big comopasines

    mining started becoming big for larger companies because they could afford the hevy equipment while the avagrage joe cannot
  • alaska becomes a resource for gold

    in 1902 many people seeking there fourtin in gold went off to alaska because of the gold hit in the yukon