• sputnik mercury and gemini

    they launched the sputnik 1
  • pioneer

    pioneer 0 was launched form nasa
  • venera probes

    the venera 1 was launched
  • mariner programs

    mariner 2 was launched
  • viking probes

    the viking 1 was launched into space
  • hubble telescope

    they finished making the hubble
  • space stations

    the mir was put into space
  • magellan was launched

    the magellan spacecraft was launched with the atlantis on a mision to venus
  • galileo spacecraft

    the galileo took off
  • the magellan is here

    the magellan spacecraft arrives at venus
  • the magellan is lost

    a day after the signal is lost they find out they have lost the magellan completly
  • the magellan crashes

    the magellan plunged into venuses atomosphere losing its signal at !0:00
  • the near program

    the shoemaker was launched from cape carnveral
  • voyager

    the voyager 1 was launched into the space from cape canervral
  • mars rover

    the other rover was launched
  • mars rovers

    they launched it from nasa
  • galileo space craft

    the galileo ended
  • tweet

    first man to tweet in space