The Lion King

  • Zazu visiting Scar

    Zazu witnessed Scar tormenting a mouse, complaining to the mouse that he would never be king and how unfair life is.
    Zazu then proceeded to tell Scar that Mafusa was coming to visit, and Scar responed by angrily attacking Zazu, but when Mufasa arrived Scar stopped. Mufasa asked Scar why he was not at the pride rock ceremony, and Scar said that it slipped his mind and then reffered to Simba as "the little hairball". Then they started fighting about which one of them needs to "watch there backs".
  • Pride Rock ceremony

    Earlier before visiting Scar, I went to a ceremony at Pride Rock. Scar didn't shop up at the ceremony, probably feeling resentful about Simba's birth and how he is the heir to the throne.
  • Simba & Nale go to the Elephant Graveyard

    Zazu got asked by Queen Serabi to watch Simba and Nale and take them to the watering hole, but Zazu had ahad a feeling that the two really didn't have any desire to go to the watering hole. Simba and Nale left Zazu under a rhino in the middle of the savanna, and when he finally got out he caught them in the elephant graveyard. When Zazu was trying to get Simba and Nale out of the graveyard, three hyenas appeared & gave Zazu the dreaded birdy boiler treatment.
  • Mufasa's death

    On the day of Mufasa's death, Mufasa and Zazu were up above the canyon when they witnessed wildebeests running. Scar came up behind them and pointed out that the herd of wildebeests running, and told them that Simba was in danger. Mufasa ran down to go find Simba, while Zazu flew up above the action, and couldn't really see what was going on. The only thing that Zazu remembers is a dim memory of Scar whacking him with his paw.