The Life of Theodore Roosevelt

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  • One of four children

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    Lifespan of Roosevelt

  • Had athsma

    At the time could be fatal. Often struck on Sundays.
  • Got Glasses

    Very nearsighted, parents didn't believe him.
  • Attended Harvard College

  • Father Pressured Him

    To "make himself" physically.
  • During College

    5'8 125 lbs. Considered to have a speech impediment. Never had any lasting friends from college, was considered a very odd person.
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  • Father's Death

    Died from stomach cancer.
  • Natural Science Interest

  • Joins Republican Party

  • Entered Columbia Law School

  • Marries

    Alice Hathaway Lee- on his 22nd birthday.
  • Elected to New York State Assembly

    Youngest man to ever be elected to the assembly.
  • Joined National Guard

  • Studied Law

    For two years- no degree and didn't become a lawyer.
  • Sherman Antitrust Act

    Helped bust monopolies and trusts.
  • McKinley launched the Trust Busting Era

    -Approached several senators to the U.S. Indistrial Commision
    -Laid Groundwork for Roosevelt's attacks on trusts and finally resulted in successful employment of the act.
    -Standard Oil
    - 40-45 Trusts
  • Became 26th President of The US

    At the age of 42, the youngest man to become president.
  • Period: to


  • Settles Venezuelan Affair

  • Reelected President of The US

    Over democrat Alton B. Parker.
  • Inaugurated for second term as President

  • National Monuments Act signed

    Also known as the Antiquities Act, by which Teddy established the first 18 "National Monuments".
  • Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

    For ending Russo-Japanese war in 1905
  • Administration Ends

    Ends with inauguration of successor William Howard Taft
  • Went on African Safari

    Went on African Safari
  • Delivers Speech

    "Citizenship in a Republic" speech in Sorbonne, Paris
  • Period: to

    After Presidency

  • Shot in the chest

    While entering automobile at the Hotel Gilpatrick and delivered a 90 minute speech with the bullet in his chest, which was never to be removed.
  • Attempted to win Republican Nomination

    For Presidency but ended up losing to William Howard Taft.
  • Death

    Died in his sleep from an arterial blood clot at the age of 60.