The Life of Pocahontas

By emmo739
  • Pocahontas is born

    Pocahontas is born
    The exact date of Pocahontas' birth is unknown, but most historians agree that she was born either in 1595 or 1596
  • Jamestown is founded

    Jamestown is founded
    Englishmen arrived at Jamestown.
  • Pocahontas meets John Smith

    Pocahontas meets John Smith
    Pocahontas visits Jamestown several times; meets Captain John Smith, whom she tutors in the Powhatan's language. Pocahontas and John Smith become friends.
  • Pocahontas "saves" Smith

    Pocahontas "saves" Smith
    Smith is captured by Powhatan warriors and taken to the village of Werowocomoco to meet Powhatan; Pocahontas "saves" Smith during what was probably a mock execution, staged as part of a ceremony intended to adopt the Englishman into the Powhatan tribes.
  • Pocahontas sends food to Jamestown

    Pocahontas sends Indian messengers to Jamestown with food for the struggling colonists.
  • Big trouble for Smith

    Big trouble for Smith
    Powhatan orders Smith's death; Pocahontas warns Smith of her father's decree, allowing him to escape from the assassins.
  • Smith leaves Jamestown

    Smith leaves Jamestown
    Injured in a gunpowder accident, Smith leaves Virginia and returns to England for good.
  • Powhatan goes crazy

    Powhatan goes crazy
    Powhatan orders the massacre of 60 settlers visiting Werowocomoco; Pocahontas goes to live with the Patawomeke tribe.
  • Pocahontas is kidnapped

    Pocahontas is kidnapped
    Pocahontas is kidnapped by Captain Samuel Argall, who takes her to Jamestown as an English prisoner and holds her for ransom.
  • Pocahontas baptized

    Pocahontas baptized
    Pocahontas is baptized by Protestant minister Alexander Whitaker sometime this year or early 1614, taking the Christian name Rebecca
  • Pocahontas marries

    Pocahontas marries
    Pocahontas marries colonist John Rolfe
  • Pocahontas sails to England

    Pocahontas sails to England
    Pocahontas visits England, arriving in June, is royally received, and has a reunion with Smith
  • Pocahontas dies

    Pocahontas dies
    On the return trip, Pocahontas dies (possibly from a respiratory ailmentat) in Gravesend, England, and is buried March 21 – son Thomas stays in England until early adulthood