Leroy anderson

The Life of Leroy Anderson

  • Birth of a Legendary Composer

    Birth of a Legendary Composer
    Leroy Anderson is born in Cambridge, Massachusettes.
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    Military Service during WWII

    Leroy Anderson official biography Disclaimer - dates are approximations At the start of WWII, he was drafted as a private by the US Army.
  • Conducted premiere of "The Syncopated Clock"

    "The Syncopated Clock" Anderson conducted the premiere of "The Syncopated Clock" while on a 3-day pass from the US Military. He composed the piece earlier in the year while he was serving as the Chief of the Scandinavian Desk of Military Intelligence. In 1950 it was selected as the theme song for "The Late Show" - the WCBS late night movie.
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    Composed "Sleigh Ride"

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    Disclaimer - dates are approximations Sleigh Ride was not written as a Christmas piece but rather merely described an event that took place in winter. Nonetheless, it has become a Christmas classis.
  • "Sleigh Ride" performed by the Boston Pops

    "Sleigh Ride" performed by the Boston Pops
    "Sleigh Ride" performed by the Boston Pops
    Sleigh Ride was performed for the first time by the Boston Pops, with Arthur Fiedler conducting.
  • Composed "Blue Tango"

    "Blue Tango" performed by Liberace Disclaimer - dates are approximations "Blue Tango" eventually reached #1 on the Billboard charts in 1952.
  • Death of a Legenday Composer

  • Inducted posthumously into the Songwriters Hall of Fame