The Life of Julie Andrews

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  • Birth Date

    Birth Date
    Julie Andrews was born in the county of Surrey in the United Kingdom. She was named after her "two grandmothers" her "mother's mother Julia" and her "great-grandmother Julia Emily Hearmon"(Andrews 3). Her parents were Barbara and Edward Wells and she has three siblings Christopher, Celia, and John.
  • First American Stage Debut

    First American Stage Debut
    "The Boy Friend" "The Boy Friend" was Julie's first Broadway Show which she played the lead role in. She was discovered by the producers of the play "My Fair Lady" which she starred in while still living in London. She was awarded the Theater World Award for "The Boy Friend" which highlighted her fame on Broadway and lead her to become who she is today.
  • Screen Debut in "Mary Poppins"

    Screen Debut in "Mary Poppins"
    "Mary Poppins""Mary Poppins" is a musical fantasy film which is based in London. In this movie Julie played a magical nanny for a wealthy dysfunctional family. She is seen as a super nanny because she flies with her umbrella and sings. This Film got a total of thirteen academy award nominations and Julie herself got five of them. She won one for this movie for Best Actress and she won a Grammy for Best Recording for Children.
  • Stars in "The Sound of Music"

    Stars in "The Sound of Music"
    "The Sound of Music"This film was a musical which is famous for the beautiful voice of Julie Andrews and the beautiful scenery which is displayed in the film. Julie plays a governess for a family while she is deciding whether or not to be a nun. She ends up falling in love with the widowed father and they flee Austria with the children due to the war going on. This film received five Academy Awards.
  • Stars in "Victor/Victoria" on Broadway

    Stars in "Victor/Victoria" on Broadway
    Julie plays the main character, Victoria Grant, a struggling singer, trying to find work. She ends up meeting a cabaret performer and they come up with an idea. Victoria ends up playing a male female impersonator. This show was based upon the foreign film, using the same name and was a bit overlooked. Julie denied her Tony Award nomination.
  • Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

    Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
    "Acceptance Speech"This award is given at the Grammy's. It is a huge honor because it recognizes all of someone's career accomplishments. Julie received it at the 2011 Grammy Awards. They had a close friend, who had known her since she had done "My Fair Lady", give the speech on her accomplishments and give her the award.