The Life Of Anne Trotter Bailey

  • when she was born

    anne bailey was born in 1742 (exact date unknown) in Liverpool England.
  • Period: to

    when she was born to when she died

    exact dates of birth and death were unknown.
  • both her parents are dead

    by the time she turned 18 both her parents were dead.
  • she sails to america

    when she was 19 she sailed to america.
  • Ann trotter Bailey is married

    She marries Richard Trotter at age 23 and they move to Stuanton,Virginia.
  • Richard Trotter is killed

    Richard Trotter was killed in the battle at Point Pleasant.
  • Ann pledges to avenge her husband

    After her husbands death she pledges to avenge her husband. She did this by wearing mens clothimg and teaching herself how to shoot a gun. She felt the need to help her country however she could.
  • Ann joins the milita

    She then left her seven year old son William with her neighbor and road off to start recruiting people to the army. She often carried messages between Fort Savannah and Fort Rudolph. The distance between these forts was 160 miles.
  • Ann Bailey remarries

    She ramarried to John Bailey who was a frontiersman.
  • Ann makes her famous 100 mile ride.

    Native americans threatened to attack Fort Lee but the colonists realize they were short on gunpowder. Ann then volunteers to ride 100 miles from Fort Savannah in Lewisburg to Fort Lee.
  • ann begins to live in the woods.

    Shortly after the death of her husband she gave up her home and lived in the wilderness for over twenty years.
  • John Bailey is murdered

    John Bailey is murdered near Point Pleasant Virginia.
  • she makes her last messenger trip

    she made her last delivery trip to Charleston at age 75.
  • she moves to gallia county

    instead of moving in with her son her son built her a cabin close by so that she would still feel independent.
  • ann bailey has an interview

  • when she died

    she died sometime in November 1825. she was buried in Gallia County Virginia but her remains were later moved to Point Pleasant.