The life in a timeline of the triffids

  • Umberto C. Planguez

    Umberto C. Planguez is a man who used triffid seeds to make oil, one his way back, his plane crashed and the seeds were released, free to grow.
  • BIll is born

  • Triffids

    Triffids begin appearing everywhere.
  • Stung!

    Bill gets stung by a triffid as he is trying to make it walk
  • Blinding of the world

    Beautiful green meteor shower that everybody tried to watch, left everyone blind. Because of this, the triffids had a huge upperhand on human, because the only thing that gave humans an advantage was sight
  • Josella

    Bill runs into Josella getting beaten in the street by a blind man trying to use her sight for his advantage. Bill and josella head towards the university.
  • The university

    Bill And josella go to the university, Bill gather some supplies and then Coker and his gang captures some of the people at the university and Bill is stuck in a room.
  • Tynsham

    Bill and Coker run into eachother and go to tynsham
  • Helicopter Search party

    Bill begins his search for josella and beadley's party by using a helicopter.
  • Mary

    Mary gives birth to hir child and she is very weak afterwards.
  • Back to tynsham

    Bill drives back to tynsham, only to find it deserted except for bodies everywhere
  • David is born

    Josella and Bill's baby David is born
  • Beadley's group moves

    Beadley is completely unsatisfied with where his group is located and plans on moving.
  • Beadly moves to isle of wight

    Beadly and his group decide on moving to the isle of wight. They pack up and leave
  • Ivan Simpson

    Bill and josella meet ivan simpson, he explains how they have a chance to go to the isle of wight if they choose to do so. Bill and Josella plan on spending the rest of the summer in shirning
  • Isle of wight

    Josella, Bill, and everyone else sneak of in the night to go to the Isle of Wight
  • Fuedal government shows up

    Bill and josella come home to fined armed men inside their house. They say they are part of a feudal govenrment and plan on controlling shirning. They also plan to take susan with them.