The last Kiss

  • The beggining

    The beggining
    10 years ago, Casandra met a handsome boy named Nicolás.
  • The move

    The move
    It all started when Casandra moved from Mexico to Spain, specifically to the city of Madrid.
  • The new house

    The new house
    She had moved in with her best friends from high school to a big, beautiful house.
  • The new city

    The new city
    The first day they decided to go out to see the city, and to take photos of the landscapes.
  • The meeting

    The meeting
    Being in a beautiful place, one of her friends noticed that five boys were looking at them.
  • The kindness

    The kindness
    Casandra, like her, was always kind and greeted you and a unique story began.
  • The click

    The click
    At that moment everything fit together as if by magic, they fell in love instantly and later became boyfriends.
  • The last Kiss

    The last Kiss
    Everything was going great until one day everything changed and they had to separate, but before this happened they had their last kiss.