The korean war

The Korean War

  • Korea divides

    Korea divides
    Korea is divided into North and Soth Korea. The north is fighting for communism and the south for democracy.
  • The Korean war

    A civil war in Korea begins
  • US Support

    US Support
    A few days after the Korean war starts, the U.S. begins to sent troops to help Southern Korea
  • US Invasion

    US Invasion
    American troops invade Inchon with a surprise attack on the enemy and successfully push back the North Korean army.
  • Chinese Invasion

    Chinese Invasion
    The Chinese join the fight and push back UN troops and captures southern capital of Seoul.
  • Battle of Changijin

    Battle of Changijin
    U.S. troops fought to the city of Hungnam but at the cost of many casualties. Over 4,000 troops were lost to frostbite and over 25,000 fromt the Chinese forces.
  • Seoul falls to communists

    Seoul falls to communists
    Communist forces take the city of Seoul.
  • Regaining Seoul

    UN forces invade Seoul and successfully regain the city.
  • First Aerial Duel

    40 planes and 15 gunners fought and shot down 2 bombs
  • Period: to

    CCF Attack

    These was the single largest battles of the war and lasted for eight days.
  • Hitting Where It Hurts the Most

    The U.S. Navy, Air Force, and Marines conduct attacks on North Korean dams which cuts off their power grid for 2 weeks.
  • Operation Showdown

    Operation Showdown
    The 7th infantry divisions fought the chinese in Kumhwa which was in the "Iron Triangle." The operation ended up in complete failure
  • Battle of Kumsong River

    Battle of Kumsong River
    This battle was the last communist defensive directed at the republic of Korea.
  • Final Combat

    Final Combat
    The U.S. had its final combat against the Koreans in which they attacked the Berlin Complex.
  • Armistice

    North Korea and China sign an armistice that puts an end to the war.