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The Korean War

  • Period: to

    Japanese Occupation

    YouTube - Korea under Japanese rule (1931)
    The Japanese succesfully annexed Korea with the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty on August 22, 1910. The Japanese leave Korea and end their 35 year occupation after surrendering to the Allied forces in WWII on August 15, 1945.
  • Cairo Conference

    Cairo Conference
    China, YSA, and Great Britain hold a meeting in Cairo. The US says “In due course Korea shall become free and independant” once the Japanese are defeated.
  • Yalta Conference

    Yalta Conference
    YouTube - Yalta Conference
    The US, USSR, China, and Great Britain hold a meeting in the Livadia Palace. The four major discussion topics (relating to Korea) of the Yalta Conference were:
    - what will fill the power void of the Japanese occupation
    - trustees
    - Korea as a colony that will eventually become free
  • USSR vs. Japan

    USSR vs. Japan
    The Soviet Union declares war on Japan.
  • North Korean Workers Party Formed

    North Korean Workers Party Formed
  • Korea´s First General Election

    Korea´s First General Election
  • First Soviet Atomic Test

    First Soviet Atomic Test
    The Soviet Union explodes their first nuclear weapon at its testing range on Kazakhstan steppe. The US was shocked as they thought that they were the only ones with nuclear power at that time.
  • ROK Invaded

    ROK Invaded
    The Republic of Korea is invaded by the North Korean Peoples' Army.
  • The Great Nakdong Offensive

    The Great Nakdong Offensive
    North Korea invades the Pusan perimiter and attempts to push South Korea and the UN back.
  • Battle of Incheon

    Battle of Incheon
    The South and North Korea fight for capture of cities, and South Korea recaptures Seoul.
  • Inchon Landing

    Inchon Landing
  • Armistice Signed

    Armistice Signed
  • Operation Big Switch

    Operation Big Switch
    POWs from both sides are exchanged.