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The Kin Keihan Times

By kcox105
  • KKT Debut

    The Kin Keihan Times debuted on Friendster Blogs, featuring the first post "Official Launch". It is actually the About Me section of my Friendster profile, back when it was still popular.
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    The Kin Keihan Times

    For four years and seven months, I must have written about 60+ posts ranging from personal experiences to informative posts, from stories to poems... I never imagined I could go this far, but that's as far as I'll go.
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    The Kin Keihan Times under Friendster Blogs

    The Kin Keihan Times is first hosted on Friendster Blogs, from 2008 to 2011. That's an amazing three years!
  • Sadness Within

    Sadness Within, the first story ever published on the KKT, tells about the story of a young boy longing to have a set of friends. It is published in four parts.
  • Wasted Chances

    Wasted Chances, another story published in the KKT, tells about the story of a depressed orphan named Elliot, who lost his family in an accident. It's quite a sad story.
  • Living The Unusual Summer

    Living The Unusual Summer is a tale of, well, spending an unusual summer. It's a simple, seasonal story written during the Summer season.
  • Silver Post Special

    Entitled "His Life As The Sun And The Thunderstorm", this is basically inspired by an artwork during senior high and the characteristic of a person (that would be me) as the sun and the thunderstorm. In other words, it's having a dual personality. Known as the 25th post in the KKT.
  • KKT's First Year

    Yup, the KKT celebrates its first year in the cyberspace with a post, entitled "Silence + Darkness = Falling Apart". Basically about my miserable past, how it feels to be lonely back then.
  • Just Three Wishes

    It is a story in eight parts and the longest literary post so far on the KKT. It tells about friendship, personal struggles, and moving on after someone (a close friend you grew up with) dies of a disease. Definitely one of the most ambitious literary work published on the blog (until Season Of Darkness).
  • Season Of Darkness

    It is my first full-length novel that I've ever written. It took me more than eight months to finish. It has been made available for reading on the KKT for a limited time, but was again reintroduced much later and it's always been available ever since.
  • KKT On Blogger And Twitter

    The KKT opened its mirror site on Blogger. It's around for a few months, and then decided to shut down and delete the site. The Twitter account (@kcox105) is mainly for some important announcements, but it was rarely used until The World According To KCOX.
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    The Kin Keihan Times under Blogger.

    For a while, I decided to host KKT on Blogger, but unfortunately it's just a mirror site and nothing else. It signed off after seven months.
  • The Rascal's Club

    It is the final story published on the KKT prior to the migration to WordPress and the switch as The World According To KCOX. It follows the story of four guys who loves pulling pranks until an unexpected incident happening which also involved a girl whom they couldn't successfully pull a prank on.
  • KKT On WordPress And Others

    The Kin Keihan Times migrated to WordPress. The Literary Corner, the one in charge of handling stories and poems, is added. The mirror site on Blogger is shut down and later deleted as handling a lot of blog sites could be a tedious and a difficult work to handle, not to mention lack of time to manage all of them together.
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    The Kin Keihan Times and Literary Corner under WordPress.

    By the time I was planning to relaunch the Kin Keihan Times, there was a need to seperate articles from stories. So I created another blog site for stories and poems, as well as updates for my written works.
  • KKT On Facebook

    The KKT's Facebook page is launched, as means to reach out to the online users and to post updates and important announcements. A wonderful strategy to lure visitors into the blog site.
  • Friendster Blogs Closedown

    Friendster discontinued its user social networking accounts and blogs as the site transformed into a social gaming site. The original KKT on Friendster Blogs closed down as a result, its contents transferred to WordPress as The Original Kin Keihan Times Archives.
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    The Original Kin Keihan Times on WordPress.

    When Friendster Blogs closed down, the Original KKT transferred to WordPress, where the rest of my blog sites are. It is now called The Original Archives after the Kin Keihan Times shuts down to make way for The World According To KCOX.
  • Blog Site Improvements

    Since its relaunch on WordPress, I've been constantly working on the layouts to suit my artistic preference. Since I'm quite a perfectionist, it took me long to finish the blog site's new look, complete with personalized headers and pages. I had a hard time selecting the perfect theme for the blog site as some of the featured designs doesn't appeal much to me. I normally stick to dark colors, mainly black, but shifted to lighter colors such as rose for more comfortable online reading.
  • The Time Travel Series

    The Time Travel Series tells some interesting and notable stories about what happened during that particular time, mostly from my High School days. Since the debut, a lot of articles in this series had been posted. It is currently unfinished.
  • The World According To KCOX

    The spin-off of the Kin Keihan Times hosted on Tumblr is launched. It's an anything goes site, as well as the newsletter site of the KKT. This is where the announcements are posted regarding the next post or blog site revamps. It was relaunched as the mirror site of the successor (TWATKcox).
  • Literaryfest On TWATK

    The KKT's spin-off's Literary Corner. It's basically light, comic stuff, and nothing else. Though it is supposed to carry some of the literary posts from the KKT, it never materialized and it ended up publishing two original short posts. Those two posts were later carried over to the Original KKT Archives.
  • The KKT Bids Farewell

    After 4 years and 7 months, it's time for the Kin Keihan Times to shut down, yet the contents of this now defunct blog site is carried over to the Original KKT Archives so they could still have something to read on aside from TWATKcox posts. Also, the Facebook page still remains, albeit with a new name and some changes.