Title odysseus

The Journey of Odysseus

  • Troy

    This creeeper named Paris carried off a woman named Helen in 2000 b.c. and Odysseus was forced to leave his wife and babykins Telemachus and this war lasted ten years.
  • Period: to

    timespan between 2000 b.c. and 2020b.c.

  • Circiones

    Odysseus and his men have just left Troy after exterminating Paris and saving Helen, when they land on an island whose natives are friendly with the Trojans so they have to fight and they kill them and plunder them.
  • lotus eaters

    lotus eaters
    Odysseus and his men have reached an island where the natives offer them the Lotus fruit. The problematic side to that is anyone who eats the fruit loses the desire to return home and Odysseus has to force them on the ship.
  • Cyclops

    Odysseus reaches the island of the Cyclopes and is trapped in Polythemus's cave. He's a creeper also and eats a couple of guys. Odysseus makes amendments by driving a hot stake in his eye and blinding him. Then they hijack his flock of sheep and make a narrow escape while angering Poseidon.
  • Aeolus

    Now Odysseus arrives at the kingdom of Aeolus and befriends him. As a parting gift he gives them a bag of the storm winds.
  • Ithaca

    They finally reach Ithaca when Odysseus's men (using much brain) open the bag while he's sleeping and sends them back to Aeolus's place. He doesn't help them a second time.
  • Laestrygones

    Odysseus reaches the land of the Laestrygones and oops! They happen to be cannibals! They throw rocks and drag away some of the crew. Great job, Odysseus, what a leader!
  • Aeaea

    They now reach Aeaea, home of Circe the witch goddess, who turns part of the crew into pigs and when Hermes helps Odysseus defeat her; they stay a year until they beg to leave and find out they have to visit Hades' halls.
  • Hades' halls

    Hades' halls
    Odysseus confronts Tiresias: a dead prophet, who warns him to not eat Helios' cattle and Odysseus sees many other spirits.
  • Back to Circe

    Back to Circe
    They return to Circe (mostly to bury Eleponer) and Circe warns Odysseus of Scylla, the sirens, and Charybdis.
  • The sirens

    The sirens
    The crew lash Odysseus to the mast to hear the haunting song of the sirens and stuffed their ears with beeswax to protect themselves.
  • Scylla and Charybdis

    Scylla and Charybdis
    The crew run into Scylla who eats six of the crew and see Charybdis who makes a mighty whirlpool.
  • Helios' cattle

    Helios' cattle
    Odysseus and his men are tired and ignore the warning to stay away for Helios' island. At first they resist eating the cattle but, when Odysseus falls asleep, they eat his cattle. Zeus punishes them by a thunderbolt killing the crew and stranding Odysseus.
  • Ooygia-home of Calypso

    Ooygia-home of Calypso
    Odysseus is stranded with a seductive nymph (Calypso) and is forced to stay their for seven years until Athena intervenes.
  • King Alcinous

    King Alcinous
    Shipwrecked onto his island, Odysseus tells his story to the king and receives an escort home.
  • Homecoming

    Odysseus returns home and kills the suitors and is reunited with his family.
    The End.