"The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins"

By tta028
  • The Begninning

    Talks about the journal and was given to him by his unlce Richard.
  • Spring

    Its spring but the weather is still chilly and damp. And no enough showers to go around.
  • Loading Up

    Loads up with all their gear and everybody thought that was going to be it.
  • The Rumor

    The rumor is that the Germans have killed Hitler and the war is almost over.
  • Pushing Off

    Pushed off early and in the distance he could hear the booming of the artillery. Noise to death.
  • The climb

    On Hill 203 and exhausted and feeling sick. They didnt get the air support they wanted on the 7th and had to sug it out.
  • Food

    "Hot food. Powered eggs and fried Spam (from Bobby Joe) tasted as good as anything i have eated."
  • On the move

    Bobby Joe came back to say goodbye and to tell hom that they were attached to the 29th again, and on the move.