The impact of ICT

  • First computer invented

    First computer invented
    Difference engine created by Charles Babbage
  • First polygraph (lie detector)

    First polygraph (lie detector)
  • First tv

    First tv
  • The first overhead projector

    The first overhead projector
    Used to help train the soldiers to go to war
  • First electronic computer

    First electronic computer
  • First hard drive

    First hard drive
    In the IBM ships it was the first hard drive in the RAMAC system
  • The first CGI film

    The first CGI film
    Hummingbird 1967 made by Charles Csuri and James Shaffer
  • First Gaming console

    First Gaming console
  • First email sent

    First email sent
  • first mobile phone

    first mobile phone
    weighed 2.2 punds
  • When microsoft was launched

    Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
  • First Apple product

    First Apple product
  • The first pac man

    The first pac man
    developed in japan by Namco
  • first mp3 player

    first mp3 player
    It was called IXI created bt British scientist Kane Kramer.
  • First online gaming

    First online gaming
  • First memory card

    First memory card
    it was called the Neo Geo AES by SNK play more (japanese company)
  • First fifa

    First fifa
    It was called Fifa international soccer
  • first smartphone

    first smartphone
  • first xbox

    first xbox
  • When google was founded

    founded by Larry page and Sergey Brin. It also owns other famous websites such as Youtube. It is the most famous search engine in the world.
  • First motion sensor gaming

    First motion sensor gaming
    It was the nintendo wii
  • When wikipedia was invented

    When wikipedia was invented
    Made by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger
  • first call of duty

    first call of duty
  • when Twitter was launched

    when Twitter was launched
    Founded by Jack Dorsey,Noah Glass, Evan Williams and Biz stone. Chairman is Jack Dorsey.
  • First Ipad

    First Ipad
    Created by Apple, it was the first generation, it now has 4 generations.
  • First time Siri was launched

    First time Siri was launched
  • a smart and intelligent ear piece

    It will be able to communicate to anybody around the norld or to your friends anywhere that has a signal. It will be compatible with smartphones, computers, gaming consoles and any other smart technology. It will be able to play music, transfer files, locate people via location settings, entertainment purposes and use it as a headset for gaming.
  • holographic keyboard and films

    Phones, tablets and ipads may have a laser beam of the keyboard and you can type by pressing the holographic image of the keyboard. Also films may be holographic to make it more realistic and enjoyable so that the screen maybe bigger. Nowadays we use holographic items such as projector which are used in schools and homes for learning and entertainment purposes.