The illustrated mum

The illustrated mum

By Delfina
  • Chapter 1 - Cross

    Chapter 1 - Cross
    It was Marigold birthday, so Star made her a big card, and Dolphin too, but with all the things that Marigold like, such as flowers, discs, etc. But Marigold wanted a cake, although she doesn't like it. So Star went to buy one. When she was about to live, Marigold changed her mind and decided to get a tattoo of a cross, that was a symbol of the mood that star had, with marigold. So they went with her to get a new tattoo. Then Marigold decided to go out at night, while the girls stayed at home.
  • Chapter 2 - Marigold

    Chapter 2 - Marigold
    The girls woke up and marigold wasn't home. Dolphin got worried. So Star told her that all would be fine, that marigold will come back when they come back from school. Dolphin had a bad day at school because Mis Hill made her sit with Ronnie Churley to did a written work, but he hate her, because she couldn’t write very well. Also Dol spat at Kayleigh's book and Yvonne’s too, because they were saying bad things about Marigold. Then Dolphin was punished by miss hill.
  • Chapter 3 - Dolphin

    Chapter 3 - Dolphin
    When they went home, Marigold was doing angel cookies and cakes too. Star didn't pay attention and went to his bedroom to did some homework, she decided to went to Mc Donald. Marigold had started drinking vodka to cheer her up. She was waiting for Dol at the exit of the school, because the night before she told her that she wants to be Tasha’s friend. So Marigold talked with Tasha’s mother, but she told her that Tasha didn’t want to be Dol’s friends.
  • Chapter 4 - Daisy Chain

    Chapter 4 - Daisy Chain
    They decided to go to beech brook, where there was a lake with ducks, but when they got it there, there wasn't any of them. So they decided to imagine that they where in a Fairiestories. When they were coming back, they saw an advertisment in a buss of emerald city, the favourite band of Marigold, and also Micky's, star's father.
  • Chapter 5 - Heart

    Chapter 5 - Heart
    When marigold and dolphin got home, star was angry, because she was worried about what had happen to them. At the following day at school Yvonne and Kayleigh started to bother Dolphin again with what had happened the day before about Tasha. So she hide in the library,there she met Oliver,and they started to be friends. At night marigold decided to go to the concert of emerald city.
  • Chapter 6 - Star

    Chapter 6 - Star
    Star and dolphin went to mc Donald, because if not Dolphin would be alone all night long. There Star was going to met with Mark, his new boyfriend. As Dolphin was hungry Star give her an ice-cream that Mark had bought to her. After that, they went home to sleep but Marigold was at the concert already.
  • Chapter 7 - Sorceress

    Chapter 7 - Sorceress
    Marigold woke up the girls because she was with Micky. He was dressed as a rockstar. They order pizza to ate, Micky was really happy to be with his daughter, Star. Marigold invited him to stay all the night long. In the morning they went to had breakfast in a posh hotel, because there wasn't food. Then they went to a toy shop, to had lunch, they went to a walk, and finally to a roundabout. After that Micky left, because it was late and he had to go to his house.
  • Chapter 8 - Eye

    Chapter 8 - Eye
    Micky send presents to the girls and also to Marigold, such as a mobile phone. But one day, he send two ttickets of train. He wanted the girls to go for a few days to Brighton. But Marigold wanted to go with them too, but she couldn't because Micky was with her girlfriend Siân. Dol didn’t want to leave Marigold alone, so she refuses to go with Star. As soon as she leave the home,Marigold took Dolphin, and both went to Brighton, however they didn't know where he lives. Later they went home again.
  • Chapter 9 - Serpent

    Chapter 9 - Serpent
    When Star back, Marigold started to act as a normal mother ( she bought healthy food and also she got up in time, and she cooked to the girls). Star told to Dol to come to live with them, at Micky’s house, but she didn’t want to, she loves his mother and she won’t leaved Marigold alone.
  • Chapter 10 - Bats

    Chapter 10 - Bats
    Marigold started to do things such as bought clothes to her and Dolphin, she started to paint the bedroom of the girls, all in blue, so when Star come back, she would stay whith Micky there. Marigold was drunk all day long, suddenly Star phoned to Mrs Luft and told Dolphin. She started telling bad things about Marigold, but she was lying. Star realized that it wasn’t true so she got anger with Dol. As Marigold was depressed, she painted her body with white, because Star didn't like her tattoos.
  • Chapter 11 - Frog

    Chapter 11 - Frog
    Dolphin was really scared.She tries to clean but it didn’t get off. So she decided to called the ambulance.Dol lied and told to the doctors that his dad was coming home soon.She told Oliver what to do, so he said that they must found her dad. First they phoned to the hospital to know how Marigold was, but she wasn’t there, she was at Tennyson Psychiatric Ward. She told Oliver everything she remember Marigold had told her about him.With the clues they have, they start phoning, and they find him.
  • Chapter 12 - Scream

    Chapter 12 - Scream
    They decided to go and met Micheal, where he was, New Barnes Leisure Pool. He was shocked. He was married with a woman called Meg, and he had 2 daughters. They didn’t have physical appearance like. They decided to went to the hospital where Marigold was. They got Oliver to his house in the way. Marigold was in bed, she was being medicines, and drawing tattoos with a biro in his body. She didn’t say a word, she was depressed because Micky, Star’s father, didn’t go to visited her.
  • Chapter 13 - Diamonds

    Chapter 13 - Diamonds
    Dolphin went to a foster home, Lizzie was the social worker who was responsible of her. At school everything changed, Mis Hill was good with her and Oliver was her best friend. Michael visit her all Sundays. One day Dol, Aunty Jane and Lizzie, were making cookies, and someone knocked the door, it was Star who was looking for Dol.
  • Chapter 14 - The full picture

    Chapter 14 - The full picture
    Star and Dolphin now live together in the foster home. Dol told her everything what had happened, since Marigold had painted her body in white. At the end, both of the girls went to visit Marigold to the hospital, and the three of them were apologising of what had happened. Now Star and Dol find his own fathers, but the most important thing was that they had her mother Marigold, and don’t matter if she was mad or bad, she belonged to them.