The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

  • Spencer V.,A Short Rest ; 365 pages

    FICTION: Fantasy- 51-75 pages; total 75 Chapter 3 Their journey was hard until they met the elves. Elrond helped them. Chapter 4 They went into the cave to escape the strorm and met the goblins.
  • pages 76 - 89, 89 total

    Bilbo woke up, met Gollum, and played the riddle game.
  • 90-100, 100 pages

    Bilbo found out what the ring he found does, and he escapes Gollum and the trolls.
  • pp. 101-116, total 116

    Bilbo found the dwarves and Gandolf, but they were trapped again by the wargs and the goblins.
  • pages 116-130, 130 total

    They were rescued by the eagles, and they met Beorn.
  • pages 131 -152, 152 total

    Beorn helps them get to Mirkwood, and Gandolf leaves them.
  • pages 153-172, 172 pages total

    They enter the forest and get off the path. The spiders have the dwarves.
  • pages 172 - 180, 180 total

    Bilbo rescued the dwarves from the spiders.
  • pages 181 - 200, 200 total pages

    Bilbo rescued the dwarves.
  • pages 200 -224

    They went to Lake Town, and they are now starting to try to find the door of the Lonely Mountain.
  • pages 225-237, 237 pages total

    They found the door, and Bilbo went in. He took a cup from all of the treasure, and the dragon is now after them.
  • pages 237-252, 252 total pages

    Bilbo met Smaug and convinced the dwarves to go back in the tunnel and hide.
  • pages 253-271, 271 pages

    Bilbo and the dwarves left the mountain. Bard from Lake Town killed Smaug.
  • pages 271-288, 288 pages

    Bard and others came to the cave to ask the dwarves for their share of the treasure.
  • pages 288-330, 330 pages total

    There was a huge battle over the treasure, and the goblins were defeated. Bilbo finally went home.