The Hobbit

  • 1st event

    Bilbo is introduced, and Gandalf shows up at his home in The Shire.
  • 2nd event

    Bilbo meets all of the dwarves at his home, and eats dinner with them.
  • 3rd event

    Bilbo decides that he will go on an adventure with the 13 dwarves.
  • 4th event

    Bilbo and the dwarves set off on the adventure, and Gandalf sort of disappears for awhile.
  • 5th event

    Bilbo and the dwarves are captured by the three trolls that are in the forest.
  • 6th event

    Gandalf comes back to help and tricks the trolls into an argument, they then turn to stone from the sunlight.
  • 7th event

    After the trolls incident, they all arrive in Rivendale.
  • 8th event

    After they leave Rivendale they are traveling and stop in a cave. They are then captured by goblins inside of the cave.
  • 9th event

    After they escape the Goblins, they continue on the trail and meet Beorn at his tavern.
  • 10th event

    After meeting Beorn, he gives them ponies to travel on, but they can only ride them so far.
  • 11th event

    After they must leave the ponies behind, they enter the enchanted land, which is owned by the elves, and they end up getting captured by the elves.
  • 12th event

    After they escape the elves they travel and end up outside of the mountain with the dwarves treasure on the inside.
  • 13th event

    They enter the mountain, and they meet Smaug, the dragon that has stolen all of the treasure. Smaug gets loose and starts destroying the town near the mountain.
  • 14th event

    Bard slays the dragon, Smaug.
  • 15th event

    They search the treasure for the Arkenstone, which is Thorins most prized possesion, but Bilbo finds it first and gives it to the humans to use as a bartering tool
  • 16th event

    Bilbo returns home and writes his book.