The History Of the Great Pyschology(:

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  • James-Lange Theory of Emotion

    James-Lange Theory of Emotion
    James Lange created this event to trigger a physiological reaction in which we can interpret. I chose this date because this is when he started looking into our emotions.
  • The Salvation od Dogs

    The Salvation od Dogs
    Ivan Pavlov controlled a dogs salivia by showing them and keeping track by how much they slobber when shown food. Ivan cut a hole on their cheeks and connected a tub in there to collect. I chose this date because thats when Ivan did his experiement.
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  • Law of Effect

    Law of Effect
    Thorndike did this experiement to focus mainly on the animals intelligence. I chose this date because this was the day he did the experiement on the cat and the box.
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  • Little Albert (John B. Watson)

    Little Albert (John B. Watson)
    John B. Watson studies the reaction of children when they hear loud noises. I chose the date because thats when John experimented with Little Albert.
  • Life and Death Instinct

    Life and Death Instinct
    Sigmund Freud did Life instincts to refer to sexual instincts. The death instinct he stated after a person experienced a traumatic event and then they often reenact it. I chose this date because it was when he was switching from his first stage of experiments to the sexual stages.
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  • B.F Skinner's Air-Crib Experiment

    B.F Skinner's Air-Crib Experiment
    B.F Skinner used this experiment to record contidtioned and uncontidioneed stimuli in order to watch the behavior of his children when locked away. I chose this date because thats when he was making the skinner box, and using it to see if it worked on humans as well.
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  • Sensorimotor Stage

    Sensorimotor Stage
    Jean Piaget focuses on the children in age 2 range, describing they have no sense of themselves individuals. I chose this date because thats when he was experimenting with the babies.
  • Milgram's Obedience To Authority

    Milgram's Obedience To Authority
    Stanely Milgram used the Obedience To Authority to test those and see who would obey. If they obeyed they would continue to shock the "student" when they gave the wrong answer, and everytime they gave a wrong answer the level of voltage would increase. I chose this date because that was when he was starting this experiment.
  • Bobo-Doll

    Albert Bandera demonstarted that when young children watch angry adults attack a bobo-doll that it was okay for them to do the same, when placed in the same room they repeated the steps that the adults did, and wentf straight to the bobo-doll. I chose this date because this was when he showed the kids the video.
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  • Stanford Prison Experiment.

    Stanford Prison Experiment.
    Zimbardo chose the Stanford Prison Experiment to distingiush a difference between military guards and prisoners.When many of his pretend-to-be guards started to act like real guards thats when people wanted to stop that experiment and leave because everyone became too serious. I chose this date because this was the day it started and it lasted only for 6 days after.