The history of the Earth

  • Period: 4570 BCE to 541 BCE


    Guide fossils : Stromatolites (cianobacterias)
    Climate event : Incresing of the salt in the sea , in consequence of the heavies precipitations.The first glaciation occurs and a oxigenated atmosphere is created.

    Geological event : There was a big bombardement, the Earth, the moon and the litosphere was formed. Origin and early evolution of the Earth.
    Marine enviorement.
  • 541 BCE

    Cambrian period

    Cambrian period
    Pluricellular algae
  • Period: 511 BCE to 485 BCE


    Guide fossils : Trilobites anthropoid .
    Geological event : Hercinic orogeny, a lot of mountain ranges were formed.
    Climate events : Greenhouse effect, hight volcanic activity, reduction of coastlines and marine platforms by the formation of the Pangeas super continent.
    Continental enviroment.
  • 485 BCE

    Ordovician period

    Ordovician period
    Main groups of invertebrates , fishes.
  • Period: 443 BCE to 419 BCE

    Silurian period

    Vegetables( gymnosperms, rootless, leafless, flowerless, reproduced by spores) and invertebrates.
  • Period: 419 BCE to 359 BCE

    Devonian period

  • Period: 359 BCE to 299 BCE

    Carboniferous period

    Conifers, ferns and main reptiles.
  • Period: 299 BCE to 252 BCE


    Amphibians and pelycosaurus.
    Extinction of 90% of marine species and 70% of terrestrial species, caused by the heating of rocks
  • Period: 252 BCE to 66 BCE


    Guide fossils : Belemnites and Ammonites (cephalopod mollusk).
    Geological events : It started to separate Pangea and the continents ,it was originated the Athlantic ocean and the Alpina orogenic.
    Climate events : Climatic conditions of extreme aridity , most of all, inside Pangea, it is going to evolve to a tropical and humid climate.
    Continental enviroment
  • Period: 66 BCE to


    Guide fossils : Nummulites.
    Geological events :Complete development of the Alpine orogeny, the isthmus of Panama is formed 3am ago. Formulation of the current polar caps.
    Climate events : Colder and warmer periods called glacial and interglacial periods.
  • 2


    Appear the first hominids
  • Period: 2 to


    Appear of the homo Sapiens
  • Period: 66 to 2


    Angiosperm plants (with flower), birds and mammals