The History of the Earth

  • Period: 4600 BCE to 541 BCE


    The remote past.
    The precmbric cover all the materials and proceses since the earth was created to the apareance of rocks plenty of rests of living organisms.
  • Period: 541 BCE to 252


    Diversity live:
    The paleozoic is the time when happend an explosion of living things, it reperesents the firts of tree eras of live.
  • Period: 252 BCE to 66 BCE


    Reptile era:
    Starts with a arid climate, and it contunues in a wet tropical
  • Period: 66 BCE to


    Mamals era:
    Complete development of the Alpine orogeny.
    Formation of the Isthmus of Panama, uniting the American and North American continents.
    Formation of the current current caps