The History of Nail Polish

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  • Jan 8, 1500

    3200 B.C. Babylonia

    3200 B.C. Babylonia
    The Babylonia males of all classes dyed their nails. They dyed them using kohl. The higher class males would wear black and the lower class would wear green.
  • Period: Jan 8, 1500 to


  • 3000 B.C. China and Eygpt

    3000 B.C. China and Eygpt
    The Chinese would use nail polish as a distinction of class. They would soak nails in a homemade mixture for hours to get the color they desired. Only the upper class would do this though. The colors would normal reflest the colors of the ruling dynasty.
  • 1800 Britian The Victorian Era

    1800 Britian The Victorian Era
    During the Victorian era having great hygene and being clean was in. They most popular nail manicure was buffing the nail and tinting them with red oil.
  • 1920 France

    1920 France
    Inspired by car paint, Michelle Menard, came up with the idea to use the same enamal used on cars for your nails.
  • 1920 The Moon Manicure

    1920 The Moon Manicure
    The moon manicure became very popular in France.It is obvious why they call it that. Today is it slowly coming back into the world of fashion. more commonly as a half moon though.
  • 1932 America

    1932 America
    Menards company finally perfected her formula. They used pigments instead of dyes. This company is later to be known as Revlon. This company started from nail polish and eventually moved on to lipstick and othed makeup.
  • 1940s America

    1940s America
    Nail polish became very popular when celeberties began to wear the paint. The Hollywood stars would wear red. The most famous red nails belonged to Rita Hayworth.
  • 1976 France

    1976 France
    The French manicure was first seen on the Paris runways. The creater was Jeff Pink. He also created the brand ORLY. He wanted to create something simple.
  • 1970s-1990 America and the UK

    1970s-1990 America and the UK
    Nail Polish was not longer just for females. Males involved in the Punk Rock movements wore black colored nails.
  • Channel Rouge

    Channel Rouge
    Uma Thurman's nails became popular when she wore Channel Rouge Nior (vamp) polish in the movie "Pulp Fiction". It became Channel's most in demand product.
  • Water marbleing

    Water marbleing
    Water marbleing began to become noticed. This way of doing your nails requires water. The nail polish is put on the water and a design is drawn in it. You put your nail in the water and the design is on your nail.
  • 2000s Today

    2000s Today
    Today nail art is huge in fashion. There is water marbleing,crackle paint, stickers you put on and file off. It is cray cray how many things you can do today.