The History of Music Technology: 1940-Present

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    History Of Muaic Technology

  • The Vinyll

    The vinyl was one of the first types of technology that music could be recorded on and played. The vinyl as played on a gramophone.
  • Cassette Tapes

    Though the cassette tape was invented back in 1930, not many people knew much about it until 1964 when it took a big step forward to becoming the mainstream mode of music technology.
  • Compact Disks (CDs)

    The two main technology companies of the time, Phillips and Sony, invented the compact disk more commonly known as the CD. It was portable and could be played in a CD player.
  • The MP3 Player

    The MP3 player was a portable computer which was small enough to fit into your pocket and could hold around 4 GB worth of music files. That’s almost a 1000 songs!
  • Online Audio Service

    In 1995, a group called RealAudio created a place on the internet where the streamed music which would let people listen to music but also let people avoid the wait of having to download files.
  • The First Ipod

    In 2000, most of the music-listening devices were big and bulky or didn’t have much memory. A company called apple created the Ipod. It was small and very convenient to carry around and it could hold 5-10 GB, a great accomplishment at the time.
  • Ipod Shuffle

    The first generation iPod shuffle was designed to be easily loaded with a selection of songs and to play them in random order. According to Apple, owners of existing iPods had often left the music selection to "shuffle". So they thought of creating a new version of the Ipod which was always on shuffle
  • Ipod Touch: First Generation

    The Ipod Touch has a touchscreen unlike other ipods. It also has more functions and apps. Other than listening to music, you can surf the web, play games, check your emails, write up notes and many more other options.
  • The Iphone: First Generation

    Apple surprised the world on June 29th 2007 when they decided to boldly enter the cell phone business. The iPhone was meant to represent the merging of Apples iPod with a cell phone