The History of Japhion

By sso1231
  • When Japhion was Found

    They never thought of Japhion different of Norway because the climate of Norway is the exact same as Japhions climate. They were living in peace and it started to expand in different places of Japhion
  • When Japhion was Found

    Japhion was found by a Norwegian explorer Harald Japhion and his group of explorers. When he found it the only life was artic animals like the polar bear and etc., he claimed the entire land mass to the Monarch of Norway, but named it after himself. When he went back to Norway to tell the King (Monarch Hafrsfjord the ll) he said that he will be puttingThe first group of settlers were called there colony Maxvit.
  • The mass production of Jades (part 1)

    In 1709 the people in the colonies, while mining for recourses Henry Lavendeth discovered a huge jade deposit in North Simeta and people from around The 5 colonies Japhion (the time were only 5 colonies of Japhion: North Simeta, Maxvit, Clospent, and Delvana. These were considered the first 5 colonies of Japhion).
  • The Mass production of Jades (part 2)

    They all came to mine the rare mineral, for money and tools. This was a really big deal for Norway because in Norway there was no precious mineral. So the King decided that every miner that has jades would have to give 85% of it to the king. When this law passed the miners grew angry at the king but did not know how to do anything about it.
  • The Mass Production of Jades (part 3)

    . So in anger they gave the tax collectors 85% of there findings leaving them with only 15% of the share witch slowly lowered production of the massive hit of jades in the mines, also when the law occurred most of the miners quit and went back home back there families. But that was the start of anger arising in the colonies.
  • Tensions rise with the colonies of Japhion (part 1)

    When the jade law passed the colonies got angry but not to where they would start rioting. But more laws are starting to pass. When the king passed the law: “ 85% of share law” that meant they would give 85% of wood minerals and etc. of their share. The people of Japhion became angry because of this. So, when the collector came to take 85% the colonies would throw rocks and destroy the ships when they came.
  • Tensions rise with the colonies of Japhion (part 2)

    The king knew about this and got very angry about it so the people of maxvit payed, the houses were burnt into ashes and they were left with nothing so they moved to other places while others re-built . Other laws were made but the colonies just got angrier and angrier so they set fire to the ship of cargo and beat up tax collectors to. They armed themselves when soldiers came by, and shot randomly at soldiers and this was the begining of war.
  • The Battle of Delvana

    It was a battle fought at 5:00 am and ended at 6:00 pm on December 10th 1715. This was the battle of Delvana. It was a long hard battle 5 men died though and 10 Norwegian soldiers.The Japhionians were almost out of ammo, then the Norwegian’s retreated back to Norway. It was a sweet victory for Delvana, but thee king of Norway was furious. He said this was only the beginning of war between Japhion and Norway.
  • How the war went and how it ended (part 1)

    The battle for freedom for Japhion was led by General Henry Maxvit and his army of soldiers with help by the Russians they had many battles fought like they battle of Evana the battle of Colis mountains and etc. The last battle was called the battle of Crom and how it went was so spectacular with only 250 men on the Japhionians side and 555 on the Norwegians cannons on both sides and weapons of terror.
  • How the war went and how it ended (part 2)

    They began war on April 12, 1778 and here is how it went out. So the Japhionians were surrounding the Norwegians and shooting everything they could at them and the Norwegians leader ( Esteban Hudson) was leading them into victory because he thought he could win with all the men and weapons on his side.
  • How the war went and how it ended (part 3)

    But a couple of minutes later, the Japhions were chasing the Norwegians to the edge of a steep cliff and that when General Hudson surrendered for the safety of himself and of the men. At the end, the Japhionians and the Russians won the war for freedom for Japhion A document was signed by the Henry and other members of the justice group, that Japhion was now a country of it’s own and it will be ruled by A royal family (absolute monarchy) and this was all done in one day.
  • What happend then

    Today, Japhion has 13 states and and 2 islands It is still ruled by an Absolute Monarchy by a queen (your truly) and still has masseve produtions of jades still today.