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The History of Hairstyles!

  • Period: 100 to 500

    Classical Period

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  • 450

    Tiaras and Flowers

    Tiaras and Flowers
    During the Classical period women had many complex hairstyles. They would wear it down, crimp it and just decorate their hair. The hairstyle I liked most from this period does not exactly have a name. My favorite hairstyle was when they used tiaras on their hair or fresh flowers with a fabric scarf on their hair. It was really simple and seemed easy to do unlike the other ones that look so complex.
  • Period: 500 to Dec 31, 1400

    Medieval Times

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  • Jan 1, 1200

    Loose Curls

    Loose Curls
    During the Medieval Times, I couldn't find much on the hairstyles. The one I did find was just loose curls. I thought it was pretty simple and elegant at the same time. Anyone can wear their hair like that. I like how women would decorate their hair. One thing I didn't really like about this time period was that married women had to cover their hair.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1400 to

    Renaissance -

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  • Period: Jan 1, 1400 to


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  • Blond Hair

    Blond Hair
    During the Renaissance, although loose curls were still in style, women wanted something different. They all wanted to have lighter hair. I thought this was the best of this time because I enjoy light hair. I find it interesting how they would dye their hair just so it could be a light color.
  • Headdress

    During the Exploration period the headdress was quite popular. Women used many types of headdresses. I think a simple headdress was the best. Simply because it was not too much, yet was a lot. It looked nice and classy. While others looked really weird in my opinion.
  • Period: to

    Revolutionary Period - Padded Wings

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  • Padded Wings

    Padded Wings
    I didn't find many hairstyles from the Revolutionary period. The hairstyles that I have found are all a bit similar. Padded Wings was a hairstyle that stood out to me. It wasn't too much or too little. It was just the right size for the hair rolls being used at the time. It looks nice in the front. I like it because it's weird, but unique.
  • Period: to

    World War - The Bob

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  • The Bob

    The Bob
    During the World War times Irene Castle was actually the woman who started this whole 'bob' hairstyle. By the 1920s, actresses such as Clara Bow started to get the bob hairstyle. I don't think everyone looks great with this hairstyle, but I do like how it looks the way Clara had it. I found this hairstyle the best as well because of the bobbie pin. The bobbie pin was invented because of the bob hairstyle. Which makes more sense to why it is called a 'BOBBIE' pin.
  • Period: to

    Cold War Period -

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  • The Bouffant

    The Bouffant
    During the Cold War period, there were many hairstyles. Many of them being the bouffant. From Elizabeth Taylor to the young Queen Elizabeth II, this hairstyle was a normal hairstyle. The bouffant caught my eye because it looks so classy. I love the way it looks. It's like a mini beehive, which why I think it's better than the beehive.
  • The Poodle

    The Poodle
    During the Cold War period, the Poodle was also a popular hairstyle in the 1950s. I also liked this style because not only was it popularized by Lucille Ball, but it looks so simple. It does not look difficult to do. Although it might take overnight for the hair rollers to curl your hair, it can be done. Anyone can wear this hairstyle, if you do it right of course.