The History of Film

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  • First Camera

    First Camera
    The first camera was invented by Joseph Niepce in France. He took the first picture with paper covered with silver chloride.
  • First Video

    First Video
    Edweard Muybridge bet his friends that a horse galloping can have all four legs off the ground at one time. To prove it, he took tons of pictures of a horse galloping and put them together to make the first video. He won the bet.
  • Projector invented

    Projector invented
    The Lumiere brothers (from France) made a machine capable of showing film to multiple people. Thomas Edison had already made one, but wanted more money so he kept it a secret. That backfired as the brothers released their invention first making them the inventors. This machine (a projector) is still used today.
  • First Movie

    First Movie
    Edwin Porter directed the first film with a narrative. It had a plot and lasted 12 minutes! That was very impressive for back then. Edison was producer.
  • Nickelodeon and the Monopoly

    Nickelodeon and the Monopoly
    Nickelodeon made a ton of money, and to make more money, Edison made it so if you wanted to film a movie, you've got to use their stuff. This stunk because Edison was one of the only company at the time. The other companies went to California for escape.
  • 1920s: Audio

    1920s: Audio
    People started putting sound in their films called talkies. Many thought everyone would hate it, but it ended up being the opposite! The Jazz Singer was one of the first (or maybe THE first) movie(s) with sound in it.
  • The Wizard of Oz

    The Wizard of Oz
    This movie is important in history because people figured out how to put color in movies. This film is the first or is one of the first ones to have color in it.
  • Hard times

    Hard times
    Hollywood was in danger. People were starting to move to suburbs away from theaters, the government was going against them, and religious groups were attacking Hollywood as well.
  • Block-Buster Films

    Block-Buster Films
    The first block-buster films were created as well as block-buster. The first block-buster was jaws.
  • CGI (1990s)

    CGI (1990s)
    Computer Generated Images started showing up in movies more often. This was easier than making something like a robot. It also looks super cool.
  • Digital Camera Starts

    Digital Camera Starts
    The digital camera made it so much easier to film things. It didn't make much noise and was very efficient.
  • Modern day

    Modern day
    We now use digital cameras for just about every film. We also use tons of CGI in our films. We now have epic graphics and great stories/ movies. Super hero films are the most popular movies in this current era