The History Of Film

  • 1900 Movie

    1900 Movie
    Youtube Link In 1900 The movie Addition and Subtraction was made. It was a short and silent film directed by Georges Melies.
  • 1910 Movie

    1910 Movie
    Frankenstein was created in 1910. It is the origional classic.
  • The Silent Age

    The Silent Age
    -the emergence of Hollywood
    - World War 1 and the exodus from Europe
  • 1920 Movie

    1920 Movie
    Youtube Link To Trailer In 1920, the movie The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was made. It was an attempt to translate the imegery of German Expressionist painting and deign to the cinema screen.
  • The Transition Age

    The Transition Age
    -from silent to sound
  • 1930 Movie

    1930 Movie
    Youtube Link To Movie In 1930, D.W Griffith created his first talking movie called Abraham Lincon.
  • The Hollywood Studio Age

    The Hollywood Studio Age
    -domination by the studio
    -genre movies: WWll
  • 1940 Movie

    1940 Movie
    Youtube Link To Movie In 1940, the movie The Great Dictator was created. This movie was created by Charlie Chaplin and it is the first movie he made where the characters have dialogue.
  • The Internationalist Age

    The Internationalist Age
    -hollywood studio decline
    -the challenge of T.V
  • 1950 Movie

    1950 Movie
    Trailer Of Movie In 1950 All About Eve was created. It is a drama film.
  • 1960 Movie

    1960 Movie
    Youtube Trailer In 1960 the movie Physco was created. Alfred Hitchcock created a suspensful movie with the murder of a women who checked in at the Bates Motel.
  • The New Wave Age

    The New Wave Age
    -from france to the world
    -technological innovation
    -small scale productions
    -strong social/political value to film
  • 1970 Movie

    1970 Movie
    The Best Movies of 1970s In 1970 The Butcher was created. This movie is a love story between a new teacher and the local butcher of the town.
  • 1980 Movie

    1980 Movie
    Youtube Trailer The Movie Atlantic City was created. This movie is all about the Mafia and love triangles.
  • The Mass Media Age

    The Mass Media Age
    -this is still going on in present day
    -film and movies as part of the global entertainment/ communications media
    -digital production
  • 1990 Movie

    1990 Movie
    Youtube Trailer Good Fellas was created in this year. This movie is also about the Mafia.
  • 2000 Movie

    2000 Movie
    Youtube Link The Movie Dinosaur was released. It is about when a medior hits the earth and the dinosaurs have to move in herds to find the only place left where there is food and water.