the history of ecommerce by Joey Bazzano

  • online shopping

    mike aldrich invents online shopping
  • thomson holidays

    the first ever b2b was created usibng the internet
  • france telecom

    france telecom invents Minitel that is considered the most successful pre-www online
  • ascx12

    ascz12 provides a dependable means to conduct electronic bussiness
  • nissan

    nissan sells car and finance w/ credit checking to customers online
  • swreg

    swreg creates first electronic merchant account to let software developers sell online
  • peapod

    peapod brings grocery store online
  • next cp

    the first www server and browser using next cps
  • nsf

    nsf lifts restrictions on commerical use of net, clearing the way for ecommerce
  • jh snider

    jh snider publishs future shop
  • yahoo

    the first online bank opens and yahoo
  • amazon

    amazon starts selling online soon after comes ebay
  • google

    goolge hits online and then yahoo has stores
  • victorias secret

    zappos laun ches web only store
  • .com

    .com websites investments dont work
  • amazon

    amazon goes mobile
  • csn

    paypal is open and csn is best selling
  • itunes

    apple makes itunes
  • credit card

    credit card companies create pci data secruity
  • youtube

    youtube comes and 2.0 makes sites more interactive
  • google

    google makes fast checkout
  • iphone

    apple comes out w/ huge seller iphone
  • amazon

    amazon uses textbuy it for phones
  • amazon and overstock

    amazon and overstock drop sales tax