The History of Dolls

  • Jan 1, 1413

    Doll Makers

    Doll Makers
    Doll makers can be traced back in Germany as far as 1413.
  • 1830s Dolls

    1830s Dolls
    Around the 1830s porcelain dolls were very popular as well as cast heads.
  • The Baby Doll

    The Baby Doll
    In 1851 the first baby doll was created, before all dolls represented well dressed ladies.
  • 1860s Dolls

    1860s Dolls
    In this time unglazed biscuit-ware was very popular for the pink tone it had.
  • 1880s Dolls

    1880s Dolls
    Manufactures started to sell dolls that would close their eyes when tilted back.
  • Egyptian Doll

    Egyptian Doll
    In 1887 a British archaeologist found on of these Egyptian paddle dolls that dated back to 1800 BC. They were made from wood or clay and found inside of Egyptian tombs, they are one of the oldest dolls.
  • Greek Doll

    Greek Doll
    In 200 BC, the Greeks made dolls out of terracota and were made with articulate limbs. I could find no resources saying when they were discovered.
  • Japanese Dolls

    Japanese Dolls
    Japanese dolls have a long histories all the way from 8000-200 BC. They were used as toys, for rituals, and for protection. There is no discovery of this since Japan has been carrying on these for centuries.
  • The Barbie Doll

    The Barbie Doll
    The Barbie doll was created in 1959 by Ruth Handler, the co-founder of Mattel. Barbie was named after and later Ken, named after her son.
  • The Cabbage Patch Kid

    The Cabbage Patch Kid
    The Cabbage Patch Kid doll was created in 1978 by Xavier Roberts. They were a huge sell out because they came with an adoption certificate and their own first and middle name, also they were said to be each made different.