The History of Cyberpunk

Timeline created by chrismcmullen22
  • the term "Cyberpunk" is coined by Bruce Bethke

    the term "Cyberpunk" is coined by Bruce Bethke
    Bruce Bethke, short story published in 1983
  • film "Blade Runner" released

    film "Blade Runner" released
    The movie went from being critically panned to a cult classic, and set the standard for the near-future film noir sub-genre called cyberpunk.
  • "Neuromancer" written by William Gibson

    "Neuromancer" written by William Gibson
    Wiliam Gibson won three awards for this novel, propelling Cyberpunk into the mainstream media as a legitimate branch of Science Fiction literature.
  • film "Akira" released

    film "Akira" released
    Cyberpunk is fused with Japanese animation
  • film "The Matrix" released

    film "The Matrix" released
    Enough said.