The History of Computer Input Devices

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    Input Devices

  • The Camera 1685

    The Camera 1685
    For more information go to this link. John Strognote made the camera in 1685 around the civil war. It was made to take pictures of new places. It helped people because it gave them memories of their family and friends. Also pioneered the way for the digital camera.
  • Typewriter 1808

    Typewriter 1808
    For information go to this link.The first typewriter was built in 1808 by Pellegrino Turrifor for his friend that was blind. It helped people make letters alot faster and led way to the keyboard.
  • Microphone 1887

    Microphone 1887
    Go to this link for more infomation. This microphone was built in 1877 by Emite Berliner at the US Centennial Exposition. This was made so people could communicate with others. They are also used for gaming and using with programs like skype.
  • Graphic Tablet 1888

    Graphic Tablet 1888
    Go to this link for more information. A graphic tablet is an electric machine that helps you draw on the computer screen. Elicha Gray made the graphic tablet in 1888 for Alexander Graham Bell. It became more popular because of Alexander.
  • Joystick 1909

    Joystick 1909
    For more information go to this link.The first joysticks were used in aircraft. The idea comes from a man named Robert Esnalt-Pelterie in his diary dating back to 1909.
  • Barcoder 1952

    Barcoder 1952
    For more information go to this link. A barcoder was another word word for scanner. It's main purpose is to scan barcodes. This was made by Joseoh Woodland in 1952
  • Trackball 1952

    Trackball 1952
    Go to this link for more information.The trackball is a mini pointing device that connects to your computer. It was made by Tom Carson and Fred Longstaff in 1952 at the Royal Candian Navys DATAR. It brought the mouse later on.
  • Scanner 1957

    Scanner 1957
    For information go to this link. The scanner was made to scan items on the internet. It was made in 1957 at the US Nationol Bureau of Standards. It was made by Russel Kish. The scanner has grown a lot since then.
  • Mouse 1960's

    Mouse 1960's
    For more information go to this link. The first mouse was built by Douglas Engelbert in the 1960's because he wanted people to be able to move on the computer. The word mouse comes from the animal.
  • Touch Sensor 1971

    Touch Sensor 1971
    Go to this link for more information. In 1971 the Touch sensor was invented by Dr. Sam Hurst at the University of Kentucky. This gave people a whole new interaction to computers.
  • Light Pen 1982

    Light Pen 1982
    Go to this link for more information. The light pen was made in 1982 by a design staff. It was made to interact on the computer screen. It was used on old fashioned computers.
  • CD 1982

    CD 1982 For more information go to this link. The CD is short for compact disc. A removeable media that replaced floppy disks. It was made by Philip and Sony in 1982. It was actually made in Philips Production Studio.
  • Gamepaddle 1984

    Gamepaddle 1984
    For more information go to this link. A gamepad was a third generation gamepad. It was made by nintendo. It was made in 1984 and was made for gaming.
  • Touchpad 1988

    Touchpad 1988
    Go to this link for more information. A touchpad is also knon as the trackpad. It is used as a mouse or light pen on the screen. George E. Gerphide invented the trackpad in 1988. Now people can use laptops.
  • Webcam 1991

    Webcam 1991
    Go to this website for more information. A webcam is a device that shows an image to another personal computer. Adam Jackson is the founder of the webcam that was made in 1991 to keep an eye on a coffee machine. It was made at Cambridge University.
  • Iphone4 2011

    Iphone4 2011
    The iphone four was made on January 9 2011. It was made by a bunch of design staff that work for Apple. It was made to make a better iphone. It is a phone, handheld computer with touchpad, two cameras, microphone and can scan with the right application.