The History Of Anime

  • Katsudo Shashin

    The first assumed animation of history was made, which was a 3-second clip of a boy writing Katsudo Shashin, on a board. Due to this, it is known as Katsudo Shashin, and though who created it was unclear, it is assumed that it was made around 1907. Here is the 3-second clip. Link text
  • Beginning Anime Production

    Japan began producing anime, silently as a new project, but it was overshadowed by Disney productions, that there would seem no light to the work. At this time, they did trial and error techniques with drawing and cut-out animation techniques, based on animation shorts in places such as France and America. The Japanese film quality was praised, but it was too expensive at the time to create.
  • The Great Kanto Earthquake

    They had started to build a solid base of production off of public institutions, but the great Kanto earthquake left devastating damage to Tokyo, in which the anime industry had lost all its progress.
  • Bagudajo no Touzoku

    An animation created by Ofuji Noburo, “Bagudajo no Touzoku” won international acclaim. He made this animation by cutting and pasting chiyogami, which became one of the first animations that left an impact on people outside of Japan. Here is a clip of this animation: Link text This encouraged more Japanese animators to produce various art pieces, but as war approached, the supplies started to run short.
  • After the War

    It was at this time, that it is said that the first full-length anime film was produced. It was produced by the navy, just before the war ended. It was called Momotaro: Umi no shinpei Link text, a film in an attempt to lift the morale of those who took part in the wars.
  • Toei Animation was Founded

    Okawa Hiroshi, who was inspired by the movie “Snow White”, built a studio with white walls and founded the studio, Toei Animation, with an ambition to become the Disney of the east.
  • Hakujaden Release

    “Hakujaden”, the first animation, inspired by a Chinese tale, was released as Toei Animation's first film. Due to this, they were able to invite some individuals from America, who acted as their mentors, and Toei animation learned the Disney system of assembly-line production.
  • Astro Boy first Aired

    Fuji Television aired a 30-minute animation series called Tetsuwan Atomu, known as Astro Boy, in English. The animation came from the original manga series written by Tezuka Osamu, known as the God of Manga, in the present time. This tv series attracted so much attention, and shot up the popularity for animation, causing the sudden boom for the anime industry.
  • Sazae San first Aired

    The anime series, “Sazae San”, which is still airing and popular to this day, was first aired. Sazae san is currently the longest-running anime.
  • Toei Animation Financial Struggles

    Toei animation suffered many financial struggles and went through many lockouts and layoffs. This was due to the high cost of animation, and the oil crisis of 1971.
  • Uchu Senkan Yamato Aired

    “Uchu Senkan Yamato” was a huge hit for many of the young adults at the time, becoming a social phenomenon.
  • Period: to

    Visual Quality Impovement

    Thanks to new directors such as Hayao Miyazaki, the animation industry gained a new look. Many of Miyazaki's films are still seen as masterpieces today, such as "Spirited Away" and "Howl's Moving Castle".
  • Period: to

    Anime takes bigger exportation steps

    Around this time, bigger hits such as "One PIece", "Sailor Moon", and "Neon Genesis Evangelion" was aired, which was exported around the world, and left strong impressions on many of the children.
  • Pokemon First Aired

    Pokemon, a famous anime, widely known was first aired in Japan, gaining a huge hit for the younger audiences.