The History of Animations cc7

  • The History of Animations CC7

    The History of Animations CC7
    Animations started in 1868. The first type of animations started as a flip book. The flip book is pieces of paper stacked ontop of eachother like a book. There are drawing on the papers and they are eached changed a tad on all of the diferent pieces of paper so when you flip the book, it creates a short film or clip.
  • First Motion Picture Film

    First Motion Picture Film
    The very first date of the camera was unknown. But this is one of the first films shown on the wall made by Louis Le Prince. He used a film to create the image that he wants prejected on the wall. He used a single lense camera and Eastmans paper for film. Louis Le Prince will defenitly be remebered.
  • The First Fully Animated Film

    The First Fully Animated Film
    One of the first films to use was a stop picture motion. It used over 700 pictures but only lasts a little under 2 minutes.
  • What Animations Have to Become

    What Animations Have to Become
    Animations are very popular now days. Kids are watching animations on T.V. to just press a button and animations are on. In color. Some of the very sucessful animations have been Finding Nemo, Toy Story, The Lion King and many more! These were all produced by Disney. If you havn't, why don't you take a look at these wonderful films!
  • The Future of Animation

    The Future of Animation
    In the future I believe that animation will be very different. There will be a animation device were you can put it in front of you turn it on and with your mind you will be able to make your own animation movie!