The Great Gatsby - Chapters 1/2

  • New location, fresh start. (Event 1)

    Nick moves East from Minnesota to work in the bond business.
  • A friendly visit. (Ev. 2)

    Nick goes to Daisy's house to have dinner with Tom and her.
  • Meeting new people! (Ev. 3)

    Nick goes into the house to meet Jordan and Daisy
  • Rude interruption (Ev. 4)

    Myrtle calls Tom in the middle of dinner, making it obivious Tom cheats on Daisy with her.
  • Will love blossom? (Ev 5)

    As Nick leaves the party after the phone call breaks it up, Daisy and Tom hint Nick should look into talking to Jordan.
  • Gatsby is creepy! (Ev 6)

    Gatsby stares at a mysterious green light across the lake with his arms stretched out...what could possibly be going on?
  • Valley of the Ashes (Ev 7)

    Tom and Nick take a train ride to the Valley of the Ashes.....but why?
  • George Wilson's Shop (Ev 8)

    Tom tells Nick to follow him off the train at the edge of the Valley of Ashes, where Tom goes into George Wilson's shop to talk about selling a car
  • How about that car? (Ev 9)

    Tom negotiates about the (as we now know, nonexistant) car to George. He tells George to go grab chairs so they can sit and chat. Turns out, he does that to get George to leave the room so he can plot when to meet Myrtle!
  • The affair (Ev 10)

    Tom goes around New York with Myrtle, not caring what she buys or does. We know what he wants. She doesn't.
  • The party! (Ev 11)

    An impromptu party held so Tom can get Myrtle alone without anyone noticing, Nick gets drunk for the second time in his life and later on, Tom shows his true colours, proving he got what he wanted and doesn't care by punching Myrtle in the face, breaking her nose.
  • 4am train ride (Ev 12)

    Nick and Mr. McKee leave the party, sick of what happened earlier in the night.