The great deprssion in austraila georgina

  • post world war 1

    australia was going down in economy so they borrowed alot of money from the london loan market.
  • Period: to

    Great depression

  • wall street crash

    the stock exchange was giving out to much money so there was a crash and lots of money went
  • government speanding cuts

    government speanding was cut as they had the figer out ways to loan money to london loan market
  • Australian econemy isstruggling

    after the stock market crash the australian econemy went down in money at that time the econemy was built on exportses such as flour, weat, wool and dairy the price slumped.
  • Sydney harbor bridge

    the sydney harbor brige openned and was seen a triumph in the depthes of the depression
  • Uneplument at a high point

    one third of the working population was uneplyed
  • Econemy gradgely recovering