The Great Depression

  • Warren G Harding Elected

    Warren G Harding Elected
    Warren Harding , was the 29th president , he was also the first news paper publisher .
  • Calvin Coolidge

    Calvin Coolidge
    coolidge was the 30th president , he was a republican and a lwayer during the boston trick calvin was trusted into the national spotlight and gave him reputation as a man of decisive action.
  • Harber Hoover

    Harber Hoover
    Hoover was the 31st president he also was an author and U.S food administration,
  • Franlin D. Roosevelt Elected

    Franlin D. Roosevelt Elected
    Franklin was the 32nd president , he was the reason for the great depression and the cause of world war 1 .
  • Model T

    Model T
    The T- model Ws Kno As the Tin Lizzie . it Changed the way way Americans Lived , it also helped people Work and travel .
  • Prohibition 18th Amendment

    Prohibition 18th Amendment
    the 18th amendement prohibition of alcohic beverages in the u,s
  • Tea Pot Dome Scandal

    Tea Pot Dome Scandal
    The tea pot was a resolution that took motion , and the naval oil reserve lands from the navy.
  • Dawes Plan

    Dawes Plan
    dawes plan was to solve the reparations problem , but it had bedeviled internation plitics following world war 1 .
  • coolidge Speech

    coolidge Speech
    coolidge speech , was speaking apone , newspaper , and how alot of people was getting ignorance because of newspapers not telling the truth on most of ther articals and cause alot of people to get mad.
  • The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby
    this was a book writtin by an author name Scott Fitzgerald
  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    New York Stocks exchanged crashed . the stock prices was going sky high and caused a depression.
  • Smoot-Hawley Tariff

    Smoot-Hawley Tariff
    Smoot Hawley was an act that was signed bye 2 mens named reed smoot , willis hawley to raise tariffs and to ship over 20,00 goods to U.S
  • Reconstruction Finance Corporation

    Reconstruction Finance Corporation
    An Agency gave 2 billion in aid to the state and local goverment and made loans to banks rail roads , and mortgage associations and other buisness
  • Bonus Army March

    Bonus Army March
    bonus army was an assemblage of 43,000 marches of world war 1 . verterans , familys , and affiliated groups .
  • Tennessee Valley Authority

    Tennessee Valley Authority
    A Corporation Own By U.s That Helped Tennessee Out From The Great Depression .
  • National Industrial Recovery Act

    National Industrial Recovery Act
    This was made an act during the great depression part of Fraklin D Roosevelt New deal it was made to regulate industry and permitt cartels and monopolies
  • Public Works Administration

    Public Works Administration
    also part of the new deal , united states public works constrution agency .
  • Agricultural Adjustment Act

    Agricultural Adjustment Act
    (Triple A) new deal , restricted agricultural production paying farmers subsidles not to plant parts of their lands .
  • Security and exchange commission

    Security and exchange commission
    (SEC) responsble for inforcing and federal and regulating the securities industry and stock and options exchange in the untied states.
  • Works Progress Administration

    Works Progress Administration
    this deal was to employ pver millions of unemployd of means
  • Wagner Act

    Wagner Act
    protecting emplyes to discuss organizing and workplace issues with coworkers
  • Fair Labor Standards Act

    Fair Labor Standards Act
    Letting emplyes work how long they want to . and making sure they are getting payed what they are working for .
  • The Grapes Of Wrath

    The Grapes Of Wrath
    american realist book written by John Steinbeck . this book was about a poor family during the great depression it also won a national book awards
  • Civilian Construction Corps

    Civilian Construction Corps
    This program was apart of the New deal , for mens of ages 18 - 28 that was unemployed , unmarried nad was only getting payed 30$ a month , james McEntee was the head boss